Today You Are Six

KaelynIn typical kid-sister fashion, one day last week you said something to Kyra which caused her to groan mightily and say, “OHMYGOSHyou’resoannoyINGAH!

Unfazed, you primly said, “Well, I am sarcastic,” and then flopped your open hand out as if offering up that characteristic as a reasonable explanation. 

“Kaelyn,” do you even know what ‘sarcastic’ means?” I asked, trying to hide my amusement from Kyra.

You looked directly at me, tilted up one eyebrow, and said, “Nooooo, Mom. I have NO CLUE what ‘sarcastic’ means.” Judging by the air quotes you used to punctuate the word in question, it’s clear that you know exactly what it means.

Now just who the hell did you get that from?

Happy birthday, you imaginative and sassy little shit.

14 thoughts on “Today You Are Six”

  1. Happy Birthday Kaelyn from the Cake Lady! Hope your Mom, er your Dad, makes you a fantastic cake! And I hope you had a super terrific day.

  2. Bahahaha! Love it! Happy birthday to her, she is precious and probably why she’s goi g to get away with that sassiness! Work it girl! I did air quote “work it.” 😉

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