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As I shared with you a couple of weeks ago, I’m one of several new writers at Aiming Low. If you have no idea what Aiming Low is, you can’t be in my posse anymore until you click over and check it out. It’s where all the cool kids are. Or, at least it’s where the people who don’t mind making fun of themselves and humans’ basic foibles hang out. If you ever need a laugh or are looking for some quality entertainment, Aiming Low is where it’s at.

Those of you who are already familiar with Aiming Low know that on Tuesday, AL was revamped to introduce three new “channels.” The channel I’m primarily writing for is called Miss Unlimited (once per month I’ll get my snark on at the main Aiming Low). This is the only part of Aiming Low that has a specifically-targeted audience – teenage girls. As explained on the Miss Unlimited welcome page:

We are striving to show that there is no goal out of reach if you are prepared to work for it;  that there is beauty in the unique and while there is a wonderful sense of pride in appreciating the unique beauty that is yours, there is a need for healthy and sensible choices.

Unlimited is how we want all women to feel about the future.

Unlimited is what we think when we look at you.

I was beyond honored to be offered the opportunity to write for this channel, because I work with this age group of young women. I am reminded daily of what it is like to wake up with that teenage angst of trying to figure myself out and how I was supposed to fit in with the world around me. The world is moving so much faster than it was when I was 13. The pressures are all the same, but I think that they are even more compounded than they were 20 years ago. Spend ten minutes watching music videos or flipping through the lastest fashion magazine and it’s easy to see why many young ladies these days are insecure and have low self-esteems.

At Miss Unlimited, we have the chance to encourage and uplift girls, give them some strategies for navigating this awkward, developmental phase, and remind them that they don’t have to be popular media’s definition of a woman to be considered awesome.

Thus far, there are three MU posts up written by other writers, and they (the posts and the writers) are nothing short of amazing. My first post there goes live tomorrow at 9 am. Please click over, read, and chime in on the discussion. What I’d really like for you to do, fellow Gangstas, is if you would pass on the Miss Unlimited link to the young women in your life who could benefit from the community that we are trying to build there. We welcome all comments (because many of us older’ folks still carry the effects of childhoods’ growing pains), but we’d really like to start hearing from our targeted audience, too.


(BTW – if you haven’t read my last post about my constant semi-spazzniption about parenting through the adolescent years, please do and then join in on the discussion. My mom also left a kick-ass comment. I think she needs to get her own damned blog. *wink*)

11 thoughts on “Miss Unlimited”

  1. El Cinco's Gran-Gran

    Congrats!!!!!!! I look forward to reading it.

    As for me doing my own blog… what the heck do I have to talk about? My writing comes from what I read in your writing and I comment. I couldn’t even think of a theme for my own blog if I was so inspired to start one.

    1. DUDE – half the crap I write here is inspired by something that someone else wrote somewhere on THEIR blog. You could call it something witty like, “My Daughter is a Genius.”

  2. Can’t wait to see what you’re writing over there!

    I agree – your mom should write a blog. But I’ll be happy if she keeps writing her awesome comments!

  3. Miss Unlimited is a very interesting element in a site that celebrates mediocrity….which leads me to believe that we are anything but mediocre! Serendipity – you teach grade 8, and I just finished a show about 8th graders.
    I’ll be sharing MU with my girls.

    Also, I love that you call your mom “Dude” hahahaaaaaa!

    1. I agree, JC! We are anything but mediocre, even if celebrate the mediocrity within ourselves. The irony of it all is what makes it so awesome.

      Calling my mom “Dude” should give you an idea of the kind of hilarity that ensues when we (we being my mom, my sisters, and the family) are all together in one place. Come watch us for an hour and you’d have enough inspiration bolts of lightning to last you for a year. 😉

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