American Boys

I was looking through our Flip and found a couple of videos that I didn’t even know existed. According to the timestamp, at some point in March, the kids recorded themselves goofing off. I think Kyra is the one behind the camera. Hopefully my boys aren’t warming up for a career with the Chocolate Chippendales.

In other news, have you read my post at Miss Unlimited, yet? How do you Rock Your Moxie? EVERYONE has moxie, so don’t say that you don’t. Head over to the post and brag on yourself.

Also – Frank is finally getting his tattoo tonight.

All three of my boys are awesomesauce.

Happy Friday, Gangstas!

8 thoughts on “American Boys”

  1. That video is hilarious, and definitely blackmail gold.

    Stoked to hear that Frank’s getting a tattoo–will we get to see pics?

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