How to Shut a Hater Down

Today at Miss Unlimited I have a post up about haters. You know haters. They’re the jackasses who try to tell you that you suck because they have issues and wish that they could be HALF as gangsta as you are.

There was this girl once in high school who for whatever reason did not like me. One day she got all up in my grill and said to me, “You think you’re all that, don’t you?” Then she put her hand on her hip and did a little neck roll, as if I was supposed to be intimidated.

Unfazed, I plainly responded, “No, I don’t think I’m ‘all that.” But you clearly do, and that’s what really matters, isn’t it?”

If you want to tell me what a bad ass gangsta I am, please don’t tell me here; click through the link above, read my post, and tell me there.

You’re a badass gangsta if you leave me comments both here and there.



5 thoughts on “How to Shut a Hater Down”

  1. “Focus your time and energy on your goals and not on what the haters say.” Great message. The higher we rise, the more haters they’re going to be. Really, if no one is hating on me then I’m probably not doing anything worthwhile.

  2. I have to take my kids to karate right now.
    For hours (because I’m THAT cool on a Friday).
    Try not to be jealous.

    So I can’t wait to read your Aiming Low as soon as I get back.
    Only THEN can I be badass.

    Oh yeah.

  3. I’ve never been interesting enough to inspire such hatred and jealousy. Or else I’ve had such a smart mouth and a winning personality otherwise (*eye roll*) that people were afraid to go up against me. Or maybe I just always put my money where my mouth was, and if I didn’t have any money, I shut my damn mouth. Most likely, I was just such an arrogant prat that no one could even penetrate my self-confidence. Actually, the first one is probably the most likely. Whatever it was, I didn’t have much trouble in grade school or high school. I love these posts, though, because so many people are not as lucky as I was.

  4. I wish I had this advice when I was growing up too. I constantly let the Haters bring me down. To the point where I didn’t try anything without ‘their’ approval.
    Now? Honeybadger don’t care*

    *I hope you get that ref.

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