Gangtas Have Each Others' Backs, Right? RIGHT?

feels good to be a gangster

I am only 5’2″, but the stack of work ahead of me is at least Michael’Jordan” tall. My workload has its middle finger shoved up my nose, but if it’s really feeling froggy it does a booty tooch so that I can kiss its ass. “PUCKER UP, MUHTAFUGGIN’ BUTTERCUP.”

Things have been crazy here at home. My world has been flipped upside-down and rearranged. I am wrung out and in an emotional recovery of sorts. YOU WOULD  KNOW WHY IF YOU FOLLOWED ME ON THE TWITTER. Hint, hint. —–>—->—>

So, lookie here – I don’t want my blog to go unattended for the next week (maybe two), because that’s how long it’s going to take before I’ll be able to see the light of day. Would a few of my Gangstas like to get some guest post action going on up in this piece? If so, shoot me an email using that Contact link up there, and also leave me a note in the comments just in case my blog gets a case of The Stupids.

On Friday night (as in 11pm EST), you will be able to find me dropping some knowledge Aiming Low. I write three times a month at Aiming Low’s Miss Unlimited, which as I’ve explained before, is all about encouraging girl power for teenagers. I have to be all adult and mature instead of “for mature adults only.” But once a month, they let me loose on Aiming Low General, which is where I can be stupid and use my best profanity; I can also get away with flexing grammar to use fragments if I so desire. Shitcakes awesome. So be sure to check me out there Friday night (or Saturday morning if you’re too busy getting blitzed in a club). I’ll be talking about my boobs. That’s important business right there.

To recap:

  • Guest postin’ Gangstas: hit me, yo.
  • TWITTER —>—>—>
  • My boobs – 11pm at Aiming Low. There will also be a sexy picture of Frank the Fantastic as a bonus.

If you don’t see anything here at The Smartness within the next week, it’s because I was left hangin’, and then I will feel like an überloser.


7 thoughts on “Gangtas Have Each Others' Backs, Right? RIGHT?”

  1. I can’t do Twitter, man. I’m not gangsta enough. Although, today at work, I was so not interested in what I had to do, I would have signed up for an account if I had thought of it! Hope the overload slows..

  2. OK,I have decided you may be either my bloggy twin or my bloggy soulmate:) Either way, we have a similar way of looking at life. I’m your gangsta…if you need a guest poster,let me know.I’d be honored to post over here:)

  3. You’re freakin’ kidding me. You’re short? I had always pictured you ten feet tall with jet packs on the bottom of each foot and a flamethrower permanently attached to your back. Well, size aside, you are mighty, my friend.

    I have a short but hopefully sweet post in mind that I could just as easily post here as on my own old, dusty blog. Just say the word.

  4. Oh my lady –

    I so so so wish I could help but these next two weeks are CRAZY for me. After six years of training, my son is testing for his black belt on Nov. 5th and between then we are booked solid with practices and set-ups and all kinds of nutsy stuff (and $$$ holy crap!) and then family coming to town for the big day.

    I know it sounds unbelievable but it’s that busy around here. And then I’ll get to catch my breath before a week with the in-laws for Thanksgiving.

    So. Timing = bad. And I feel terrible saying “any other time except when you need me!” because that’s crap.

    But it’s also true.

    Hang in there and know that you are loved.
    I’ll be here even though I have no time to share words…


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