An SOS Call to Gangstas

Thank you all for the hugs and love you’re sending through the computer to Baby M, his family, and me. I’m slowly working my way through commenting back to each one of you, whether it’s a quick thank you in the comments or an emailed response. I want each of you to know how greatly appreciated you are.

I have been working hard at pulling things together for Baby M’s support site. So many of you have reached out with various offers of help. You’re just waiting on the GO button to be pressed. I’m aiming to launch Baby M’s Website with information on how you can help on Monday, November 21. I’m calling his campaign SOS – Save Our Baby M. Here are some things you can do right now to help get me on my way:

  • Write a post about Baby M’s Website and schedule it to publish on Monday, Nov. 21. Details on how to get the URL in advance will follow below. The site is still under construction, but this way you can have posts written ahead of time without having to wait on me to go live on Monday.
  •  Subscribe now to the Save Our Baby M Twitter feed and encourage others to, as well. I haven’t tweeted anything yet, but you’ll be the first to get updates as soon as they’re posted.
  • Continue helping me brainstorm for fundraiser/support ideas and/or offer goods/services to the cause. A couple of people have contacted me regarding Scentsy fundraisers in which all profit proceeds will be donated to Baby M. A blogger has offered to make a special SOS product for her shop and part of the proceeds will on that item will be donated to Baby M. Another blogger buddy who is about to open a massage studio is working on a fundraiser idea. If you have an Etsy shop or other business, please consider offering goods/services either as a stand-alone fundraiser or as part as a future planned joint event. Free advertising (in the form of a linked sidebar button and post shout-outs) will be included as thanks for giving to SOS. 

To contact me for any of the above three reasons, please click here to email. In the subject line, please enter Baby M’s URL if you’re emailing to get it to write an advance post. Please enter Fundraiser idea if you have an idea for a general fundraiser that we could organize. Please enter Business support if you have goods/services/discounts to offer as a stand-alone fundraiser or as part of a specific future campaign.

Just ask anyone who’s seen the disaster area that is my classroom – I’m not the most organized person in the world, and those email subject headings will make it a bit easier for me to group my tasks together.

Again, I thank everyone so, so very much. I don’t think that Baby M’s cancer is my fault. Cancer just IS (an asshole). I also don’t think that I’m cursed. This oppressive, WTFOMGforREALZ fog settled over me like a heavy thundercloud the moment I heard the news. I gave myself time to be sad and dark and numb.

But now I’m just pissed. I’m pissed at cancer for choosing anyone, let alone this adorable, precocious kid who I helped bring into the world on a hope flung up to heaven. I did that, and I’ll be damned if I let this miracle with his mommy’s spunk and his daddy’s eyes go through this without all of the support I can possibly garner for them.

We’re like an army, you see, an army of Gangstas. And you know what Gangstas do when they get pissed, right? They get even. It’s the medicines and the expertise of the doctors that do the real work on the inside, but I believe that what happens on the outside is nearly as important. Supporting Former IM and Former IF gives them more time to focus on Baby M. Doing things for Baby M, such as sending care packages and cards, gives him something to look forward to and will help take his mind off of how he might feel on any given day, even if only for a little while. We will be kicking cancer’s ass in alliance with the chemotherapy and other treatments. We Gangstas can be medicine for the heart and mind, and that is a powerful drug, indeed.


16 thoughts on “An SOS Call to Gangstas”

  1. Oh I am in. I’ve always wanted to roll with the Big Gangstas, mind you. I may not have money to give, but I can find a stamp, a cool trinket, and some my ever present sass.

    Could I get a cool Gangsta name, por favor?!

    Word. To Yer Mutha,

    (“Ice, Ice Baby . . . to go, to go . . .”) I know, horribly uncool. That’s how suburban-whitey here is rollin’, though.

    1. You are so in with the big dawgs, Ms. J. Of course, you’ll have to start with getting the lyrics to “Ice, Ice Baby” right, first. He’s umm…”too cold, too cold. How ’bout your gangsta name be J-Freeze? 🙂 Love you much, girl!

  2. You are such a beautiful woman, obviously cancer doesn’t know who it’s dealing with when it picked on someone you love.
    Light and love to Baby M, and those surrounding him.

  3. I know I am absent from blogging anymore, but count me in for anything I can do to help. SOS indeed. Gangstas unite.

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  5. I’m in! Not sure what I can do but, I will hit you up on email. I have some ideas and I would love to do a post. Let me chew on this and get back to you shortly. I love what you’re doing, btw!

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