Bullets Are For Gangstas – Episode Three

  • Baby M’s support site – Save Our Baby M – will officially launch on TUESDAY and not on Monday as originally planned. I need another full day to get content written. If you haven’t yet, please read An SOS Call to Gangstas. If you have already written a post or plan to write one for Baby M’s site launch, please schedule it to post on Tuesday, Nov. 20. 
  • I’m going to visit Baby M and family today! I couldn’t get out there sooner because I was on the tail end of a cold, and I wanted to be sure I was healthy before I went to see him.
  • Former IM explained that Baby M’s doctors said his body is responding to treatment exactly as it should. We have to take things day-by-day and can’t use now as a gauge for how he will continue to do later, but for today Baby M is doing well. We can surely be happy about that.

In other news…..

  • Jordan, the 8-year old, tested into Gifted. I mention that only because it proves that I am stupid and the kids are not. He said that waffles made him smart. SO EVERYONE EAT WAFFLES. It’s what’s for breakfast.
  • Kyra and Jaiden are kicking 5th grade in the ass. Kaelyn is kicking Kindergarten in the ass.  That means they are kicking butt and taking names.
  • Jaiden wants you to know that at the Fall Festival a couple of weeks ago, he won a giant cookie in the raffle.
  • Jordan wants you to know that you should eat waffles everyday.
  • Breaking Dawn- People can say what they want to about it and the book, but for me it was worth going to the midnight showing. I’m planning to see it twice more in the coming week. Frank and I have to go see it together, and then when my mom comes into town this week I’ll go see it with her and my sisters again.
  • This week a former student – one who has always had a very special place in my heart – was the substitute teacher in my class on Thursday when I had to take a half-day professional leave absence. I taught this kid NINE years ago, and now she’s SUBBING in my classroom. Overlooking the fact that I felt a bit crusty, she left me a really sweet letter. I have a half-written post about her in my drafts and she’s been on my mind to write about her for a few months now. Soon….
  • Frank went to the gym one day last week and ended up with some dude’s finger shoved up his eye. Now he has a nasty red/yellow bloodshot eyeball. He looks like Patient Zero of the  Zombie Apocalypse.
  • I’m hungry. I’m going to eat some waffles.

16 thoughts on “Bullets Are For Gangstas – Episode Three”

  1. Mmmmm…. waffles!

    So glad that Baby M is doing well now! And the “nerd herd” continues to thrive!

    Sounds like things are looking up there…impending zombie apocalypse aside.

  2. So that’s the trick… waffles! Maybe I’ll be able to help Liam with his grade 3 math now!

    As a Twilight fan, what was your take on the wolf scene when Jacob breaks off from the pack?

    1. Good question, Andy. I liked the intensity of Jacob’s break from the pack, but the voiceovers were canned and cheesy. That’s one aspect that could have used some improvement.

      What did you think about it?

  3. Yay for taking names and kicking butt in school! All I can think of is Donkey in Shrek–“Waffles!”

    (Although we had French Toast this morning–wonder what type of nerdness that brings?)

    1. I think something must be said for the syrup. If it’s not waffles in this house, then it’s French toast.

      How donkey says, “And in the mornin’, I’m makin’ WAFFLES” – that is EXACTLY how Jordan says it every time the word comes out of his mouth, which is easily 20 times a day.

      “Hey, Mom. I love you. And I LOOOOOVE waffles.”

  4. Will check out the SOS tomorrow!

    Waffles, eh? We never eat waffles. Hmmm…..so THAT explains it. I’m buying myself a waffle iron tomorrow. Can they be frozen waffles?

    Yeah for all of your gifted kids. You know that they didn’t just get those brains from the atmosphere 🙂 Your kids ROCK!

    How do you get a finger up your eye at the gym?? Scratch that…I don’t want to know. If he starts mumbling “brains….brains….” Just get the hell out of Dodge and don’t look back!

    1. We have a waffle iron, but we also have a coating of dust six inches deep on that sucker.

      Frozen waffles are for gangstas. Eggo up, homie! 🙂

  5. Hope these good days for Baby M continue! Looking forward to the launch of SOS!

    Also glad to hear that syrup counts for something, as I’m partial to pancakes and/or french toast 🙂

    Very cool re: your former student subbing for you.

  6. El Cinco's Gran-Gran

    Hurray for the Meatball! Yay for all the other good stuff in the post!

    Dang, Moxie… you’re getting old! Your former students subbing for you???? LOL

    See you all tomorrow!

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