Save Our Baby M Launch Day!

I’m so excited that this day has finally come! I’ve spent almost every hour of free time working on building Baby M’s support Website. I haven’t been asleep any earlier than 1 am during much of the past week. It’s been worth it, though.

Without further ado, may I introduce you to Save Our Baby M! My goal for SOS is that it will become “information central” for all support efforts for Baby M and his family. There are people working on a few local efforts for Baby M, and it’s my hope that SOS! will become the go-to place for people to get info on how to help Baby M, whether they live locally or are friends from afar.

I do want to take a moment to thank the many of you who’ve knocked on my computer screen to ask how you could help. Thanks to those of you who’ve helped to flood Baby M’s CaringBridge Guestbook with words of encouragement and love for him, Former IM, and Former IF, and thanks again to those of you who’ve asked how I’ve been holding up, too. How can I ever thank you all enough? If you’ve written (or are going to write) a post to promote Save Our Baby M, there is a blog hop linky tools thingy all the way at the bottom of this post for you to leave your permalink. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would be remiss if I didn’t send some special shout-outs to a few specific individuals (forgive me if I go all Academy Award for a moment. I run on a bit long, but these people have made my gangsta go all emo):

    • My good friend Carrie is going to be one of my right-hand Gangstas on SOS. She’s going to help me keep up with the site, as well as with the SOS Twitter and Facebook accounts. With me working during the day, it will often be easier for Carrie to send out a few regular updates.
    • Many thanks goes to Anissa Mayhew. If you don’t know who she is, it’s time for you to crawl out from underneath that rock and recognize. Don’t be offended, because until the past year or so, I was under the OccupyDon’tKnowAnissa rock, too. Among other things, she is my boss lady at Aiming Low. Her youngest daughter, Peyton, beat the same type of cancer that Baby M has. Now age 7, Peyton is about two years past being considered “cured” and is doing well. Last week, Anissa spent an hour with me on the phone. I scribbled notes furiously as she told me about various resources available to Former IM and Former IF and things that I could do to help support them. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT MEANT TO ME, ANISSA? Former IF asked some questions and I could answer them because of the time you took out of your busy day to talk to me. Thank you for offering to be  a constant resource to me and to Former IM and Former IF. I got yo’ numbah and I will be punching the digits.
    • I’m thanking my Gangsta JC Little (that’s her real name, yo) of The Animated Woman in advance. She is working on something AMAZING for Baby M. Tune in to her blog tomorrow to see!
  • Finally, COLOSSAL, squishy, you-my-dawg thanks goes to Keiko. I laid down a lot of the groundwork for what you see on SOS. Keiko took my bike-on-training-wheels into her hands and then turned it into a shiny Hummer with platinum spinners, and she did it all in the time it took me to blink. In case you missed it, last week she launched her social media business called Words Empowered. There was never a more appropriate name for a business. To quote Words Empowered:Blogger and writer Keiko Zoll created Words Empowered to help small businesses, companies, organizations, and individuals develop social media that inspires connection, engagement, and action with their customers and clients. Keiko’s unique perspective as patient activist, combined with her distinct writing voice, brings social media to life in a way that excites readers, followers, and clients alike.That stuff right there? That’s exactly what she did to SOS.  She brought the pep and energy that I wanted SOS to have, and don’t get me started on the functionality she added to the navigation and flow. Please help me thank Keiko by visiting Words Empowered and/or her post on her main blog, Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed about thankfulness (and Baby M). Please leave her a comment on one or both of her sites.

Okay, I’ll shut up now. Just know that I’m thankful. When I get ready to massacre the turkey on Thursday, know that I’ll be giving thanks to all of you. 

4 thoughts on “Save Our Baby M Launch Day!”

  1. You are amazing, woman!

    How long will the link be running because I REALLY want to do a post but had already committed to a few guest posts and a Thanksgiving piece before learning of S.O.S.

    I’m hoping the link will be going on for a while because I’d very much like to contribute a post and whatever other help I can.

    And no matter what, this Thanksgiving I’ll be offering my gratitude for people like you, Former IM, Former IF and Baby M.

    You are simply fabulous beyond words.
    But I’m gonna write some anyway…

    1. I know I answered you on The Twitter, but I’ll drop the answer here also just in case anyone else is wondering.

      The Linky is open for a year. Others may write about SOS later, and I hope that they do! We want to try to keep the momentum going, so it’s actually a good thing if some people wait a few days or weeks to promote SOS!

  2. There is nothing like getting the low down from a person who has been there. How amazing is it that you know Anissa and that she has the unique position of being able to help Baby M? And that Keiko has the amazing skill set you need at the right place and the right time? It is like Kismet!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll be saying a prayer for Baby M and for all of those who are in his corner. Health, joy, and happiness to you and yours!

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