Be Cool Like Supah-Baby M!

Quick notes before the good stuff: Baby M’s site launch is going well so far! About 10 people have signed up to send CareMail, we got over 60 Twitter followers yesterday, and best of all, almost $300 has been donated so far! I CANNOT thank you all enough for helping to spread the love. xoxoxo
There’s something über-cool going on at Save Our Baby M that you don’t want to miss out on. It’s going to take a teeny bit of blog-jumping for you to participate in the action, but you DO NOT want to miss out on this!
I am cheating here and copying what I’ve already posted on SOS. If you follow the steps, you’ll end up on SOS, anyway! In case I don’t drop in tomorrow, have a Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the States, and have a Happy Don’t You Wish You Were Eating a Big Dinner with Me Day if you’re not. I am so, so thankful for you all.


My friend JC Little of The Animated Woman didn’t hesitate to jump right in, roll up her sleeves, and offer to help bring awareness to our fundraising and support efforts for Baby M.

I did a few backflips and maybe I cried a little bit, because JC has electric bolts of brilliance and benevolence shooting from her fingertips. It is a huge honor to be drawn by her, so when she offered to draw Baby M as a way to draw more people over to Save Our Baby M (see how I just did that right there?), I was knees-to-the-floor grateful.

Based on some conversations I had with Baby M when I went to visit on Sunday, JC drew Baby M as a supah-cool supah hero. Even coolah, JC has opened up a contest in which the prize is that she will draw YOU. And! You’ll win a t-shirt with your drawing on it. And AND! You’ll also win a mug with your mug on it.

As much as I love you, you’ll get no Supah-Baby M previews or details on how to enter the contest from me! Head on over to The Supah-Baby M Contest to see for yourself!

Don’t forget to leave your comment for Baby M and his family on the Supah-Baby M post on SOS! JC has a supah-suit of her own (hers is green with an orange cape), and she will hunt you down and turn you into mud if you forget to leave some love for Baby M! And I’m a gangsta. I’d hate to have to come after you on the day before Thanksgiving, but I totally will if I have to.


Special love and hugs to JC. You’re a true Gangsta of Love. xo

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