Giving Thanks

I am thankful for friends whom I’ve never met, yet I trust and love as if we grew up together.

I am thankful for the support I have received from my online community through the past few years.

I am thankful for friends who, by virtue of caring for me, also care about the people care about.


The  Family is grateful for the overwhelming kindness shown to them. In light of adjusting to Baby M’s diagnosis, it almost feels like too much to emotion balance right now. I shared with them my plans and got approval on each step, but there was no way they could have predicted just how overwhelming it would be once Baby M’s site launched. While they are immensely thankful, they would like to postpone collective support efforts at this time. Therefore, I’ve unpublished SOS for now. I am thankful for those of you who’ve selflessly given, whether those gifts be tangible or intangible.

The love is felt, and it is appreciated.


Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, today give thanks for all in your life that is good. Appreciate each other, and let them know that you do.

I am thankful for you.


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