Bullets Are for Gangstas – Episode 4

    • Exciting news from Aiming Low goes public this afternoon. I am like, JaZz HaNdS excited over it. Check Aiming Low around 3-ish to get the scoop.
    • I wrote about Black Friday on Aiming Low last week. It didn’t get too much traffic because it was published when everyone actually was out Black Friday shopping (or home sleeping off the turkey like I was). Did you participate in the madness or get your snooze on? Please read and chime in over there.
    • I have two long-overdue guest posts from a couple of my Gangstas to go up this week. I can’t wait to let you read them because they are a couple of badasses, in that wholesomely geeky way.
    • PARENTAL SUCKAGE ALERT: Kaelyn’s sixth birthday was at the end of September, and we’re finally getting around to having her party this Saturday at the bowling alley. You’re all invited.
    • I made an ass of myself on YouTube again.

  • Happy Monday, playas.

5 thoughts on “Bullets Are for Gangstas – Episode 4”

  1. El Cinco's Gran-Gran

    LOL… I actually taught this to one of my parents for her 7 month old son. She was having a difficult time doing baby activities with him. She took care of his basic needs but didn’t understand how interacting with him was critical. Sooooooooo I sang this song to him when he was having a fit and he stopped crying and watched. She was amazed! I taught it to her among other things. She is my biggest success so far since working in my current job (since June).

    I forget which one of you brought it home from school. I’m thinking it was Chanel because she had that cool teacher that exposed them to a lot of music and reading. Who can forget Abiyoyo? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlDGHEk68XI

    I look forward to your Aiming Low announcement. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Monday to you too Shawty-Do-Wop

    1. I brought home Indian Chief from preschool. You probably associate it with Chanel because she was a baby at the time, and I/we used to sing it to her a lot. Chanel was definitely the one who brought Abiyoyo home. She drove us nuts with that one.

  2. OMG I remember that Indian Chief song. They don’t sing that one in pre school anymore, at least around here, it’s not PC don’t you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m not familiar with the Abiyoyo one. Are you going to do that one next?

    The only thing I did on Black Friday was sit around and digest. And try to keep my eyes open and not to yak, both of which are getting tougher to do. That and not peeing in my pants, which is impossible for me to do if I’m standing in a line that wraps half way around the mall. I think I’ll be doing all of my shopping online this year.

  3. That was awesome! That song triggers something in the far recesses of my memory – I’m sure we must have learned it at school or from TV or something. I will be going by to check your Aiming Low posts next….

  4. I adore your disclaimer about not singing this around a pow wow. You do let your soul glo, my friend.

    Love it. And the song. And you.

    p.s. Don’t feel bad about the delay in birthday celebrations. My kids’ birthdays are three weeks apart and for YEARS we gave them one party smack-dab in the middle of the dates so our friends and family wouldn’t be burdened with having to come over twice. Picture a big cake half Spiderman+ half Barbie; half Incredible Hulk half + Little Mermaid.

    On second thought, maybe it was so we wouldn’t have to pay for two cakes…


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