I'm Not a Badass. I'm Just Drawn That Way.

A few months ago, my thug love friend Kristin turned me on to the witty drawings at the blog of The Animated Woman. I was immediately sucked in by the blend of JC Little’s artistic talent, storytelling, and warmth. I was like, We totally need to be BFFs. 

So, I did what any good gangsta would do.

I stalked her.

I friended her on Facebook, followed her on Twitter, and circled her on Google+. I wrote here a couple of times about how ballsome* she was.

Then, I did the ultimate fan-freak move and mimicked JC’s style to draw her as a bad ass gangsta.

Before too long, we were gabbing about gangstas and doo-doo like we were old friends.

On the real – JC is one of those Good People that you would be lucky to have in your corner. I am ever so grateful that I do. She didn’t even blink before volunteering to create a drawing to rally support around Baby M, and she was there for me when I needed an understanding ear.

Now, we’re both writers at Aiming Low. When Debi aka Truthful Mommy arranged an AL-writer holiday mug-swap, JC politely asked demanded that she be paired with me.

I happy-danced in my chair a bit, and then turned my stalking attentions to my mailbox.

The mug with my mug on it came today.

We're gangstas.
That's me. My bling says "101."
That's JC. Her bling says "MC JC."

The other side of the mug (which I neglected to snap a photo of and was too lazy to go back to do it) says “GANGSTAS 101.” I laughed and loved it immediately, and not just because I’m one of the lucky ones who can say he/she was drawn by the Great JC. Little. I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until after I’d downed my first mug of gangsta coffee that I realized why we were playing with yo-yos.

I blame it on The Plague having burned critical brain cells earlier this week.



*ballsome (adj.): having the balls to be awesome

19 thoughts on “I'm Not a Badass. I'm Just Drawn That Way.”

  1. Way cool! JC is the bomb! I won a shirt from from her, which is awesome! But it’s not as nice as being drawn WITH JC on a mug! Nice, and enjoy! PEACE!

  2. That’s awesome! I fell in love with JC when she posted a video on Twitter of her pouring a FULL bottle of wine into ONE glass! How could you NOT love a woman like that?!

    She and you BOTH are ballsome 🙂

  3. Please reassure me that after you got over the plague you didn’t wake up with a desire to consume human flesh and brains? Because that would suck.

    Really BALLSOME mug. And I love the word ballsome! It is so ballsome you could change your blog to the Ballsome Smartness 🙂 (it’s a little wordy, though, may need some tweaking)

    1. Thankfully, I was not Zombie Apocalypse Patient Zero. I certainly felt like I was while in the throes of it, though.

      You’re a ballsome one yourself, Chickenpig!

  4. And I didn’t even notice the yo-yos until you said something. That’s awesome. Love her drawing style, too.

  5. i loved it and i have had the great honor and have been drawn by the awesome JC!!! and my son has as well she rocks!!!!

  6. And here I am drinking my coffee out of some crappy mug my kids gave me for Mother’s Day.
    There aren’t even any yo-yo’s on it.

    They’d better try harder next year 😉


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