8 Hip-Hop Christmas Jams – Do Christmas Like a Gangsta

Oh, yes, I did just post twice in one day. As promised to my Twitter buddy Geekin’ Hard, here is my list of gangsta Christmas songs. (Do not be fooled by the “Geek;” he is a playa and goes hard with his rap jams.)

I mean, seriously – I love Christmas music, but I think it’s easy to get a bit overloaded with harking, heralding, jingle belling, and fa-la-la-la-la-ing. You just cannot beat Christmas songs that mention packs of weave (hair weave, white people, hair weave), Hennessey, Cadillacs, and packs of draws (that’s drawers – i.e. underwear- to you proper folks).

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What are your favorite non-traditional Christmas songs? Do tell.


3 thoughts on “8 Hip-Hop Christmas Jams – Do Christmas Like a Gangsta”

  1. Ha ha, THANKS! Both for the shout-out as well as the list. I’ve only got two of those (Run DMC, my boys! and Snoop) so I’m on the hunt now! As for my favourite non-traditional xmas tune, it’s by The Pogues (ft. Kristy MacColl) and it’s called Fairytale of New York. It’s best described as folk-punk – rap’s 2nd cuz, twice removed.

  2. My non-traditional traditional songs are: Christians and the Pagans by Dar Williams; Christmas at Ground Zero and The Night Santa Went Crazy by Weird Al (can’t do the second one with little ones around); and always have to have a bit of Run DMC, Christmas in Hollis (boy, do I remember that video with the elf!!)

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