10 Toys from the 80s that They Need to Bring Back Like Timberlake's Sexy

I don’t know who They are, but if these toys were still made, do you know how much easier it would be for me to give an answer when someone asks me what I want for Christmas?

Click the first picture to scroll through the gallery and read my captions. (This slideshow plugin isn’t showing exactly how I want it to, but the season finale of American Horror Story is on and I’m too lazy to fix it, anyway.)

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Which toys and games do you wish could make a modern comeback?

24 thoughts on “10 Toys from the 80s that They Need to Bring Back Like Timberlake's Sexy”

  1. OMG I effing love this list! Although Teddy Ruxpin ROYALLY creeps me right the eff out.

    Still… you had me at SeaWees! (I had a pretty pink one, with pretty pink and blonde hair and a cute little baby with a little curl and OMG I want to play with one NOW!)

    1. You must have missed the captions. For Teddy homicidalbear Ruxpin, I said the 80s could keep him. My sis had one, and that bitch used to turn its head and blink for no damned reason. EVIL.

  2. Baby, I had that Snoopy sno-cone maker when I was a kid, waaaaay back in the 60s. And Teddy Ruxpin? Clearly possessed by a demon–too creepy for me.

    1. Those sno-cone makers are THAT old.

      I mean, not that I’m calling you old or anything.


      I’ll shut up now.

  3. I HAVE the snoopy sno cone maker upstairs. Seriously. I got it last year for Christmas.

    What really needs to come back is Stretch Armstrong. That stretchy doll-man was insane!

    1. You WHAT? Dude – I will seriously BUY those books from you. Nick is OLD. He doesn’t need those anymore! When I was a kid, I had dreams of saving those books for my future children. Those books (all of my childhood books, actually) lasted through my middle sister. When my youngest sister, aka Hurricane Danielle, was old enough to read, she trashed all of my books. They all ended up being thrown away. I think I have maybe three left. None are Sweet Pickles books.

      1. Ok first im crushed you dont looovvveee the pollys LMAO
        Second…email me..im sure we can work something out! How far away from biloxi are you?

        1. Quite a ways from Lousiana. I have like, three different email addresses for you. How ’bout you email me through the contact form page up there?

  4. About 3 years ago my husband bought me a Snoopy Sno-cone maker because I lost my mind when I saw it in the store and bored him for hours with my childhood sno-cone stories. This is also the same guy who bought me an Easy Bake Oven when we were dating because I told him it was the best present I ever received when I was a kid and I missed it. It was at that moment I knew I would marry him. I got an awesome husband who gets the fact that sometimes a girl just needs the nostalgic toys of her youth, even though she has a fully functioning kitchen with a real blender that chips ice and a real oven.

    1. This comment was a blog post in and of itself. You found yourself a keeper, Laura! I bought my husband an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas a few years ago. When we were out shopping for gifts for the kids, he mentioned off-handedly that when he was a kid, he always wanted one but never asked for one because he was afraid he’d be teased for wanting a “girl” gift. That man actually teared up a bit when he unwrapped it.

      LOVED your story, Laura. Loved it.

  5. The only thing I wish I had from my childhood is a board game called Masterpiece. But I can’t bring myself to spend $100 for it on Amazon (It’s an unopened original version. Maybe I should suck it up.)

    1. Masterpiece….that sounds somewhat familiar, as if I’d played it a few times before and just don’t quite remember it. I’ll have to look it up to see if it jogs my memory.

      One throwback game that we recently paid big bucks for is Mystery Mansion. I think this was more of an early-mid 90s game. We played that game a lot when we were kids. My sis bought it for me last year for something like $60. We’ve been playing it a lot the past few days with the kids!

  6. HOLY CRAP! I seriously thought I was the ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD that had ever heard of Sea-Wees. None of my friends have ever heard of them and I had tons and would sit for HOURS in the bathtub until the water was freezing and I was shriveled! Oh Moxie you made my DAY!

    1. Last night someone on Twitter had the same reaction when they saw the Sea-Wees! I, too, spent hours in the tub playing with mine! I’ve never met anyone who knew what the things were, either! Glad I could make you smile today, Brianne!

  7. Holy Freaking Good God! Are you serious?! This is the best list EVER!! And Sea-Wees! My mom totally still has mine and now my kids play with them in the bath when we stay over her house! AWESOME!! (I had the exact ones in the picture!)

    Whoa, I am way too excited about this.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Lily, we can hang. Anyone who remembers Sea-Wees AND shamelessly geeks out over them is down with me. I am also insanely jealous that you still have yours! I had the ones in the picture, too! That one, and a pink one.

  8. Omg Madballs and Garbage Pale Kids were the shizz! And total agreement that Ruxpin was a toy of the devil himself — that thing sat in my corner staring me to sleep every night. It’s a wonder I’m not in an institution somewhere.

    1. It so funny how the seemingly innocuous Teddy Ruxpin is the stuff of nightmares, while gross things like Madballs and Garbage Pail Kids were buddies.

  9. Teeeddy Ruxpin is my friend, and Ruuuugby’s my friend too…..

    What, no “My Buddy” doll? No Huggabunch?

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