The Wisdom of Good Clothing

This morning while in the closet, I gazed longingly at Frank’s comfortably roomy sweatsuits, and then sighed and resigned myself to wear the teacher-apropos slacks and blouse. Maybe my slacks were maternity pants and perhaps “blouse” is far too dressy a word to apply to the three-sizes too big, button-up, striped sack of fabric, but I was comfortable. Screw style; the only labels I care about are the ones that say “XL” and “MADE WITH SPANDEX.”

You know you have problems when you pause to seriously consider the possible merits of Pajama Jeans.

If I had my way, I’d wear yoga pants* and oversized, stupid t-shirts every damned day.


I made this.

My homie Shannon, fellow lover of snarky shirts and creator of the Black Power shirt that she sent to me, bought this hoodie and a t-shirt for herself as Christmas gift to herself.

We’re debating whether or not we should put our snark to good use and open up a Zazzle shop.

It might provide the distraction I need to keep me from clicking “checkout” on my Pajama Jeans shopping cart.


*Yoga almost killed me. Doing hard physical work in yoga pants is a waste of good comfort, in my book.

31 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Good Clothing”

  1. Oh how I hated to give up my maternity pants. But I do still have a couple pairs of Old Navy velour pajama pants that I wear as actual pants once in a while. Nobody has ever commented on them, so I run with it.

    I do love yoga pants, although I have never done yoga. I just bought a yoga DVD though. We’ll see what happens.

      1. Ha! I tried the P90X version of yoga today. I think I spent half of the time staring slack-jawed, saying “ow, that hurts, I can’t do that,” or falling over. I am not flexible in my legs. Plus, my shoulders are not strong enough for 45 minutes of plank, upward dog, downward dog. My ass muscles are OK (mostly because I only did half the exercises), but my shoulders are gonna be saaaaad.

      1. Really and truly. And I LOVE THEM! T is, apparently, an advertisers target audience – he quotes the commercial…and bought one pair for me for Mother’s Day and two more pairs for Christmas. And my SIL didn’t know they weren’t regular jeans until I lifted my shirt and showed off the drawstring and 2 mile long fake fly (note: only wear long shirts with these, mid-butt length or longer)

  2. I hear you. I just invested in some nice new (maternity) clothes, but all this past week I’ve been living in pjs and sweats. Of course, I also haven’t left the house in days, but that’s par for the course when I’m sick. Ugh.

    1. I hope you’re feeling better soon, sweetie.

      Of course, I don’t need to be sick to laze around in sweats and pjs. There should be some sort of law saying that sweats, yoga pants, and pjs are professional wear.

  3. See, now I have convinced myself that jeans skirts are getting away with murder because clearly they’re dressy; they skirts! But they’re jeans! Yes! It’s a win. I’m teaching in dressy teacher clothes and I’m comfy! AND since they’re jeans, they go with whatever shirt falls out of my closet when I get dressed. Also, when I’m tempted to strangle one of my “clients,” I remember that I’m in a skirt and that wouldn’t be ladylike. Jeans skirts have saved more than one sassy child from sudden death.

  4. I definitely still wear my Bella Band from when I was pregnant…over two years ago! Buttoning pants just seems to pointless, and painful! The best part is the band looks just like a cami under my shirt. No muffin top, no nasty red marks from the pants digging into my skin. It’s totally win-win!

    However, I do realize how sad it is to still be wearing my Bella Band almost 3 years later so now I’m on a quest to stock my closet full of elastic waist dress pants. (Insert Rocky music here.)

  5. Funny! And the bonus… I got to challenge my brain cells reading upside down. That was as much fun as playing Words with Friends. I think I’ll start my next WWF game using only snarky words.

    I’m a geek, yes. And I own many pairs of yoga pants. Never did yoga in my life.

  6. I must be the weirdo in the group, because I actually wear yoga pants… to do yoga. That said, if I have nothing else going on outside the house I’m usually chilling in my fleece pajama pants.

    And oh my goodness, I LOVE that sweatshirt!

    1. Fleece pajama pants…well, really ANY item of clothing made of fleece is a friend of mine.

      You and Lori have fun with that yoga. I’ll think about you two aligning your chakras and finding your center.

      It’s the thought that counts, right? πŸ™‚

  7. Another one suffering from chickenitis, otherwise known as a total chickenshit.

    1. My chin looks weird in that picture. 2. Screw the pajama jeans, go straight to the Forever Lazy. 3. I want the pacifier shirt, so get crackin’ on the design. πŸ™‚

    Your fellow smartass and borderline t-shirt hoarder.

  8. I won’t admit that it took me a few minutes to actually GET IT but I totally think you should open a Zazzle store, I’d be a customer there!

    I don’t like my clothes so I steal my hubbies all the time! Right now I’m pregnant so nothing really fits but I really hate having to actually get dressed because I’m always uncomfortable, but I’ve never actually worn yoga pants before!

        1. HA! Well, my Frank is a bean pole, but he wears 2XX shirts for the roominess. I wear 2XX to keep my shirts from having the windowshade effect, in which they roll up over the gut if they’re too small.

  9. Hell yeah to the Zazzle store.

    I have a pair of maternity yoga pants (take the moment that you need to digest that–maternity + yoga pants all in one delicious package) that I still wear to WORK sometimes four years later. Jealous?

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