Hurt Feelings

I’m just putting out there that this is how I’ve been feeling:

Even gangstas and rappers can have hurt feelings.
I can’t really get into the specifics about the situation, but I feel the need to talk about the general malaise of my heartsickness.

It sucks.

It’s not just one steely knifed stab wound that will soon dull to a throb, and then eventually scar over.

It’s more like there was a stab, and then as soon as a scab crusts over, it gets ripped off for the injury to weep and bleed anew.

And then someone pours salt in it.

And then rubs it in deep, just for good measure.

I’m being a bit dramatic, I know. I don’t for a moment believe that there was or is any malicious intent behind the actions which have caused this current state of emotional affairs. Still, a repeatedly stabbed and salted figurative heart is exactly what this feels like.

It’s a situation that is not in my court to resolve.

I can only hope that resilient scar will develop, just the same.

In the meantime, please don’t mind my tears of a gangsta.

40 thoughts on “Hurt Feelings”

  1. Tears of a gangsta…is that like tears of a clown? ‘Cause I find that song really confusing. It sounds so happy, but it’s really not. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope the situation improves…it must be the time of the year for people to forget how to act right.

    1. Tears of a Clown does have a rather incongruous cheerful melody, given the lyrics. I think tears of a gangsta might run along those lines too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Would it make you feel any better to know that “Maid In Manhattan” sucked? You’d think that a movie that has JLo hooking up with Lord Voldemort would be pretty epic, but no. No no no.

    1. Oh, Hellraisin. You always know just what to say to make beverages shoot out of my nose.

      I might be in lesbians with you.

      I meant in love with you.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re feeling crappy, but OMG we should be friends. First you wickedly post that everyone should try the Italy “Coke” drink and then you post FOTC hilarity? You’re the best.

    1. Of course now I’m thinking of The Karate Kid: “You’re the BEST…arouuund. Nothin’ in the world can bring you down!”

      Thanks for the smiles, Barb. I keep forgetting to add you to my reader. I’m going to rectify that situation right now. xo

      1. Hahaha. We must have had similar influences growing up. Glad I could help a little. I’m not always the best at posting and commenting as I’ve finally learned to trim when the busy gets to me, so no worries.

        1. You made me laugh (hard), so that actually helps A LOT.

          I also need to get a lot better at commenting. I have to squeeze in even just the writing part of blogging, and the commenting (and sometimes even the reading) falls by the wayside. I need to prioritize reading and commenting big time, especially since I always have people who are always so quick to reach out and support me when I need it.

          1. Yay for laughs! I’m always surprised when someone finds me funny. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the exact same problem. I’m learning to let it go when I need to. Otherwise I’d go (and have gone) crazy.

  4. Totally unacceptable.
    Because you are far too fabulous.

    I hope the situation turns around because not being in control of your own hurt is awful.

    But please remember you are loved. And admired. And lifted up.
    Until then. And even after.

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