I am so lucky to have friends like you guys. I’m glad that I finally said something about my hurt feelings, because my posse once again came through for me. Your hugs and support were felt, and I appreciate them. Sometimes it’s hard to remember (at least for me) that if you could use some lifting up, all you have to do is ask.

I’ve been so busy lately that I can barely keep up with my own blog, so I (shamefully) have been neglecting all of yours. What is something you’ve shared recently  in which you could use some more support that I’ve missed? I want to return the support that’s always given so freely to me. Hopefully you’ll get some extra words of support not only from me, but from other Gangstas, as well. If you can point a pimp in the right direction, that would be boss.

You my dawgs; I’d totally pop and lock together with you.

5 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. I’m glad to be of help–any time, Moxie. I hope your feelings are feeling better these days. Since you asked: I wrote an epic 3 part series about life, the universe, and water slides. (That’s right; I said “water slides.”) It may/may not be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but here’s Part One anyway:

  2. Consider my support to be “no reciprocation required” or something like that.

    Friends pick each other up when one of them has fallen.

    And hopefully, we don’t go down at the same time.

    Love to you, lady. Whenever you need it.

  3. Someone asked me how things have been lately, and I said “Fine…oh wait, no. They kinda suck.” Eh, I’m moving on. Therefore, if you’d like to see what I’ve been doing to amuse myself, you can see my latest post with pictures of the trees my husband mostly burned down when he was trying to take a landscaping shortcut. And for some added amusement, you can read my fire stories 2 posts earlier. But don’t read the one between them, because that shit’s depressing.

  4. This isn’t a recent sharing, but I’ve had anxiety about my mom after her recent brush with CO poisoning (hospitalized) and I’ve struggled a lot with hurt feelings over friends who aren’t interested in children and how they’ve treated me so differently after E’s birth. Advice?

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