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Today on Aiming Low, Dresden asked, “Who would play you in the movie version of your life?”  I haven’t thought about this peculiarity recently, but years ago when the show was still popular, I’d have a lot of people tell me that I looked a lot like Cree Summer. Most of you probably just cocked your head to the side a la puppy-heard-a-strange-noise and asked, Who? You probably remember her best from her role as “Freddie” in A Different World. Nowadays, she has a solid career doing voice-overs for an assortment of popular cartoons.

I can defintely see some minor resemblances, but I never quite saw it as much as others seemed to. In the early to mid-90s, it was quite common for some random stranger to see me and then have an expression of mild recognition squint their eyes. “You like like someone I know…someone famous, maybe?” Then they’d stand there tapping their feet, as if those motions would help them fish a clear answer out of the foggy depths of their memory. After a few more seconds of ogling me, that aha! moment sparked, punctuated by a finger snap: “I know! You look just like Freddie! Y’know, from A Different World.

Yeah. I know. Now please stop following me around the store. Thankyouverymuch.

Sometimes, the recognition was instant. “OHMYGAWWWWW, you look just like Freddie! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!” Fist up in Black-is-Beautiful solidarity.

My friends all said that my personality was even a bit like Freddie’s – earthy, brainy, optimistic to a fault, and in touch with my heritage. Guess which one of those four qualities I don’t have anymore.

So, what say you?

Has anyone ever mistaken you for anyone else, famous or not? Which celebrity do you think looks the most like you? There are several celebrity look alike generators on the ‘net that you can use. My favorite to tinker with is this one. You do have to do a quick registration and then click “skip all offers” to deflect the advertisments, but you can be done with that in less than a minute and then find out which celebrities have similar features. This one said I look the most like Beyonce (yay!), but then a couple of clicks down the line, it said I looked like Eddie Murphy (boo!).

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  1. Well, I do love me some Eddie Murphy (well, the 1990’s Eddie Murphy anyway), but I’ve got to say that all that you have in common with him is that you both crack me up. I do see the Cree Summer connection, though. I don’t think that she exactly LOOKS like you, but she is kind of reminiscent of you, if that makes any sense.

    I always got Molly Ringwald. I never knew what to make of that.

  2. True story- I REALLY thought college would be exactly like A Different World. So wrong. SO very wrong. I really missed out on having the snooty southern belle roommate.

  3. I TOTALLY see it in the smile. Not as much in the serious face. And i knew who Cree Summer is! Sheesh! You forget we are pop culture sistas. I got compared to Penelope Cruz once. I am nowhere near her beauty (and don’t even look like her) but I’ll take it! No one else. Just a lot of, “you look familiar. You resemble my cousin.” etc

  4. Eh, you’re much prettier!

    I have one of those faces – you know, the kind that everyone thinks looks familiar? Everywhere I go, from Chicago to Florence, Italy, people wave to me, say hi to me, ask me how they know me. I just got that treatment two weeks ago – I was having the radiator in my car flushed, and a guy came into the shop. He knew one of the shop guys, so they spent about 15 minutes reminiscing (in a very depressing manner, I must say…all about people who had died). Then he turned to me and asked me if he knew me from somewhere. I told him that I wasn’t from the area (small towns, gotta love ’em), so he would quickly figure out that he did not actually know me. So, pick a celebrity – odds are pretty good I resemble something about them. I think when I was younger, I looked a bit like Mary Stuart Masterson…but it may have been the haircut.

  5. I can see the resemblence. Although I can’t say that I would have necessarily guessed that. 🙂 Now, I went up to that link and uploaded a so-so picture I just took with my webcam. I’m not sure I”m happy with the results – #1 Rachel McAdams. Now that’s okay. But a close second came up with Dave Navarro. Now the last time I checked I didn’t have a mustache and beard. Remove the men, and #2 is Annette Benning. That’s okay too. So I found another picture, from a couple of years ago and I’m smiling and wearing glasses. So who does it match me with at 70% (and that’s better than the Rachel McAdams match)….Billy Idol! Seriously? Liberace was #3!! So remove the men and it matches me with someone named Kyoku Fukada followed closely by Janeane Garofolo.

    It’s a fun game…but I need a way better picture. LOL.

  6. Huh. Beyonce and Eddie Murphy. That takes talent, I do believe 🙂

    And I’ve never been mistaken for a celebrity. But I did have a friend say that I reminded her of an actress from the TV show Fringe — I don’t remember the name of the actress, but she had long, blond hair.

  7. I see the resemblance. I don’t know that I’d stop you in the store and make you wait until I figured it out but I might keep staring at you (in a non-creepy way, of course).

    And I LOVED a Different World!

    I’ve been told I look like Alanis Morrisette. I’m not fond of that comparison. Although now that I cut my hair I never hear it anymore. Should have done it a long time ago! 🙂

  8. I loved Different World and always thought Freddie was adorable.

    So go on. That’s a great celebrity comparison, right there!

    I used to get Elizabeth Shue – like when she was in the movie Cocktail (knocked up out of wedlock) and then in Leaving Las Vegas (in which she played a prostitute, I believe).

    In other words, I’m classy.
    Oh yeah.

  9. Whoa! You really look like Freddie! She’s pretty and that means you must also be.
    But without people and applications telling you who you resemble, who do you think it is?


  10. I myself don’t know who would play “me” in the movie version of my life. Hmmm let me think. I still couldn’t think of any. Why did you choose a male character instead?

    This post is one of a kind! Great one!


  11. First of all, let’s all just disregard how late I am to this party.

    Secondly. I totally know who Cree Summers is. I love A Different World. That’s just all there is to it.

    Thirdly, I see a resemblance but you are incredibly more gorgeous than Ms. Summers. Also, you have way better eyelashes. And truth be told, I covet your eyelashes. There. I said it.

    The end.

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