Gettin' Busy in the Boudoir

Frank and I are in the middle of doing a major makeover of our bedroom. It’s the one room in this house that we’ve never done much with. A few years ago we painted it, but we never got much further than that. Our room became the repository for Crap Which Guests Are Not to See. It became a 13’11” x 12’10” junk drawer, complete with the furniture that we’ve had since our first year of marriage 16 years ago and a rickety, half-dead entertainment center that was once in the living room, then was used in the kids’ playroom for a couple of years. I knew it was time to quit putting off the chore when Frank started putting the moves on me and I was too distracted by imagining paint colors to notice. “What do you think about taupe?” is never a good response to, “Does that feel good, baby?”


We got busy in the girls’ room last weekend. That soooo did not sound right. What I mean is that we started our streak of home improvement in the girls’ room last weekend. You might remember the last makeover of that room from a couple of years ago that took it from this:

to this:

 Moving Kyra into her own room was her birthday present that year. She said that she wanted a pink and brown bedroom, and Frank and I ran with that as our starting point. The next year, Kyra was kind enough to give up having her own space to make room for my sister moving in. When we moved Kaelyn into the bedroom, we had to purchase a huge wardrobe to accommodate her clothes. That and the addition of Kaelyn’s bed made the colors in the girls’ room feel much too heavy. It seemed like it was always dark in there, and it always felt crowded no matter how we arranged the furniture – even when we bunked the girls’ beds instead of leaving them separate.

We spent nearly all of last weekend getting this Poop and Pepto situation taken care of. We still have a bit of decorating left to do, but the major work is done. I have an easy project planned to do with the kids to make some art for the walls above the girls’ beds, and we still have to figure out what to do with the rest of the empty wall space.Excuse the crappy photos that I snapped in haste with my iPad; I’ll take better ones and get them posted soon. Still, you can get a good idea of what their room looks like now:

We took the bifold doors down from the closet and put up a curtain, instead. The few inches of space that gives makes all the difference. That's a fabric shower curtain, by the way.

We love the airiness and color scheme that we chose for their room. We loved it so much that we decided to use a similar palette for our own room. So, we’re redecorating. As in, RIGHT NOW; I have paint splatters all over my hands and clothes. I should be busy doing something purposeful, but I thought that writing was more important. I have priorities, dammit.

On our To Do List –

  1. declutter (DEAR GOD, THE CLUTTER)
  2. move out the exercise bike handy place to hang clothes
  3. ripping up and disposing of the old carpet
  4. refinishing the old wardrobe
  5. buying a new dresser (to be used as a TV shrine/storage for papers/camera stuff/office supplies/other random junk)
  6. refinishing the dresser we found
  7. painting
  8. installing a new ceiling fan
  9. installing the new carpet
  10. putting the new storage cubes together for the “office” corner of the room
  11. dragging everything back in and figuring out a good arrangement
  12. decorating with the few items we’ve already purchased. We still need to find a few pieces of wall art and need to print selected family photos to frame and hang.

We’re somewhere between 7 and 8. While the first coat of paint dries, Frank is in the room installing the new ceiling fan. I’m sitting here hogging up the kids’ computer and eating chicken.

Strike that – I’d better get back in there and help Frank. I just heard him yell out that he lost his nuts.

I do hope that he was talking about the ones needed to brace the fan in place.

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  1. MY NUTS! Coming from another room is NEVER good. Nor is hearing SHIT!! My NUTS!

    Our house is 200 years old, and there are wide board floors…with cracks. Cracks that swallow nuts. Needless to say, my husband had to stop putting up the ceiling fan to find more nuts. 🙂

    I LOVE the color scheme in your girls’ room. Very pretty, without being nauseatingly girly girly. I’m sure that our bedroom will be the last one we touch. It is always a mess, I never get to vacuum the nasty carpet, and the decor looks like a REALLY tacky B&B from around 1980 or so.

    1. Does your house have any creepy history? Do you have ghosts? You might think I am kidding, but I am not. Frank and I probably watched “The Amityville Horror” too many times as kids. Whenever we’re watching house/home type of shows and people gush over how much they love their old home with a lot of “history,” we glance at each other and say, “Hell to the no.”

      1. Oh yeah! When we first moved in my daughter was taking a nap in the crib while I was unpacking stuff from the POD. (hubs and the twins were doing a Hom.e depot run for something). I had the baby monitor on my belt cranked up all the way so I would hear her waking, when I heard heavy footsteps over it THUMP THUMP like someone walking up the back stairs. Then I heard my daughter say in a sleepy voice “Hey….whose there?” . I have never run so fast in my LIFE. We also hear giggling and little feet running through the halls at night, when all of the kids are fast asleep.

        As for history, one of the first owners was a bigotted a-hole doctor. There was a school for “young ladies and little misses of color” across the street and the ‘good’ doctor was one of the townsfolk who pushed a bill in the state legislature that would make having such a school in town illegal. I don’t mind the giggling in the night or the footsteps, but if I see that guy wandering the halls, he’s getting a piece of my mind! 😉

  2. I’m trying to figure out how you fit an exercise bike, a bed, an entertainment center, and dresser(s) in a 12X13 room! (I’m totally spoiled. We have a huge master suite. It takes up almost a third of our house.)

    Love the new look of the girls’ room – it looks very fresh and light. I hope your new room no longer distracts you…

    1. The answer to that question is “just barely.” I trip a lot. I can’t exactly blame all of that clumsiness on the clutter that we had in here, though. I’m clumsy by nature.

      I WISH that we had a bigger bedroom. We probably would have sold this house and bought a larger one a few years ago if it wasn’t for us making the decision that at some point within the next few years, we’d like to move somewhere else. So for now, we just squeeze ourselves in. After both of us being military brats and never living in “owned” homes as kids, Frank and I are still thrilled that we have walls to call our own, no matter the size. 🙂

  3. I grew up in a 100 year old house and it had spiritual…issues, shall we say. I’m with you and Frank on not needing “history” in my house thankyouverymuch. LOVE the shower curtain idea!! My daughter’s room has these horrid bifold closet doors which block the entrance to her room. What did you use to hang the curtain?

    1. Jjiraffe, it’s such and easy fix. If you end up doing it, I promise, you will love the effect, especially if you can find a snazzy one that adds an extra punch to their room. We used a standard shower curtain tension rod and those curtain clip ring thingies.

      So what kind of paranormal stuff went on in that house? Creepy.

  4. Oh my! I have planned absolutely nothing productive for this long weekend. I intend to be lazy and enjoy the days off. I do need to tackle a few projects, but they can wait.

    Are you installing the carpet yourselves or having it professionally done?

  5. So glad we aren’t the only ones to do that to our bedroom! It makes me feel less crappy about it. We also sibthat to our single car garage as we have 2 Bedrooms total and crap storage. Stupid fl houses.

  6. Looks great! I love the storage case/bin thingys (that’s the technical term, right?). Can’t wait to see more pictures so I can steal ideas, I mean, get inspiration. We definitely need to do something with our bedrooms too! The rest of our house was such a disaster that we focused our time and money in every place but our bedrooms. The time is coming!

    Hope your husband was able to find his nuts! I hate when that happens!

  7. Our entire upstairs is a “no one but our own family members and young kids who can’t testify in court” zone.

    It’s that bad.

    I’m so inspired by you and want desperately to do makeovers in every bedroom upstairs. And the loft. And the hallway. And the bathrooms.


    It’s such a project. But if you’re getting busy, I think I should too.
    I’m quite sure my husband would agree…


  8. That is one long list of tasks! I hope you can finish all of them soon.

    On another note, I love the results of the makeover in the girl’s room.

  9. It’s gorgeous.

    Um, do you do decorating consultations? Because there is one bedroom in the house that I cannot figure out what to do with.

    “at some point within the next few years, we’d like to move somewhere else.”

    Where are you thinking of going? If it isn’t a secret, that is. Though I’d totally love to have you move somewhere closer to me, I’m guessing that the weather in this area is not exactly an inducement. Today, it’s a balmy 37 degrees (and, unfortunately, I don’t mean celsuis).

  10. Your bedroom is so cute. I love it so much. I wish I could refurnish my bedroom as well. Did you spend money restyling it? Thanks for sharing your personal space.

    -Rose Angeli

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