Bedroom Makeover Reveal


The before was fairly horrendous. We painted our walls grey a few years ago, and that was as far as we ever got on doing anything productive with this space. We’ve been planning this redo for a few weeks. We thought we wanted to go with paint in some shade of taupe. We purchased several test pots and slapped up a eleventeen swatches. After living with those squares and looking at them in different shades of light, we finally decided on a deeper tone called “Cave Walls.” Then after we painted the girls’ room, we fell in love with their whole color scheme, and we decided to take our room in that direction.

These shots were taken just after we started pulling crap out to begin our makeover:


Frank bought home this reproduction of Starry Night and I was like, “Ew, cliché. I should whack off your ear for bringing this home.” Then when he put it up there to test it out, I was like, “Dude, you are so brilliant.”

We spent a while looking for a white dresser of this size to use as an entertainment center/storage for various documents and Crap for Which There is No Other Good Place. All that we found were easily $500+. Um, no. Finally, we stumbled on this piece, which was originally a walnut stain, in the scratch & dent section at Big Lots, of all places. It was marked down almost $200.  Score! We easily patched up the slight imperfections with wood putty, then sanded the whole thing and refinished it to a glossy white.

The grey curtains were found half-off in the clearance aisle at Burlington Coat Factory – $20 total for two panels. The sheer, patterned curtains on top we found online at Wal-Mart, of all places. I knew that I wanted white curtains with some sort of bold, graphic pattern. I searched through several online stores and either found cheap curtains that I hated, or much-too expensive ones which I loved. It three days of online searching and turning up empty before it occurred to me to check Wal-Mart (which I want to hate on principle, but the store is just too convenient not to). I saw these curtains on the first damned search results page. Curse, you Wal-Mart, and your we-have-everything haughtiness. Oh, well. At about $30 per panel, I guess I can make an exception.

Screw that “keep calm and carry on” crap.  “Freak out and throw stuff” is much my speed. I’ve been holding on to these three prints for about a year, and up ’til now they’ve been unframed and unused. The two on the ends are actually greeting cards. I purchased all three from Earmark on Etsy. You can also visit their online store: Earmark Invitations.

We’ve had the wardrobe in the back corner for almost 15 years. It used to be a cream color with gold detailing (hello, ’90s). We painted it white and traded out the gold hardware for chrome pulls which come pretty close to matching the ones on the dresser.

We still need a lot more art and accessories for the storage cubes, shelves, and walls, but that will come as we go. We’re taking our time to find pieces that we like. I’ve already marked several prints to order from various shops on Etsy, and there are a few family photos that I’d like to frame and display.

Bella is sexy and she knows it.

So, that’s that. I keep looking around at everything and heaving these great sighs of relief. I just want to snuggle up and lie in my bed all day long. Who the hell am I kidding? That’s all I wanted to do before the makeover, anyway. The view is just a whole hell of a lot better now.

Do you have any home improvement plans coming up, or have you done any recently? Our next mission is to retouch/repaint nearly every inch of trim in this house. What fun that will be.

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    1. At first I thought it would be a bit too traditional for the modern edge I was going for, but the colors in it still make it clean and fresh. It fits right in!

  1. Cute! I’ve been wanting to redo our bedroom since we moved in almost 8? months ago. I just bought a new bed set a few weeks ago and I really don’t think I want it for the master bed room any more, so who knows. Eventually we’ll get around to making our love nest better. Until then, it’s a hodge podge of bullshit. 🙂

  2. You know, those curtains with the bold print are perfect with the print on the comforter. I love everything, but those framed prints are pretty awesome. I’m dying to redo our bedroom, but it’s going to require an investment in new flooring and a fence for the backyard. Why do I need a fence for the backyard to redo my bedroom? Because I will lose my animal lover status when I murder my dogs for using the new floors as potty pads. But enough of my rambling, you guys did a great job on the room. =)

    1. I totally understand what you mean, Sarah. We put down new carpet in our bedroom as part of this redo, and now we’re super-paranoid about the dogs using the floor as their personal bathroom.

  3. One word: Cinderella
    So the DIY fairy god momma paid you a visit and totally transformed from horrendous to hello! Fabulous. I love the fresh, cool yellow, white and greytones with teal accents here and there. It plays out perfectly with the prints too. I better sign off before I get accused of channeling Martha Stewart. ..

    We also just re-did our bedroom (mostly cuz the boy was using it as a hallway from his room to the rest of the house) so I really KNOW what you mean when you say you just wanna lay there and enjoy the view. Even without nudes.

  4. Please come decorate my house. Please.

    We used to have super awesome colored walls in all three BRs of our house. Mainly because I grew up in apartments and always had cream and white walls 🙁

    Now our house is on the market and we had to repaint them all back to cream. It sucks.

    Please come decorate. Please. Now. Please. I will sprout unicorn skittles if you do. Please. Bring Frank. Cuz he’s very cute and bakes good cookies!

  5. Oooh! Pretty! And hilarious – your wallhangings are hilarious. You did a lovely job!

    I was just thinking that we needed to paint our bathroom again. It would be the third time in 7 years…but I don’t think it will happen. Apparently, we need to do some work on all the hail dents on the outside of the house.

  6. Ooh, pretty. And cool! I am amazed at the way you make use of space. I think our bedroom is about the same size but … so … much … more … crowded. And not in useful way.

    Since you ask, I have (almost) worked out how it is I want to remodel the “other” half of our house (the bedrooms, basically), having had the front half remodeled in 2007, and am now itching to get it done because it is going to be *awesome*. However, the budget is … lacking. And for the record we are reasonably competent and involved (indeed, we are finishing up painting the exterior of our home), but if it involves anything (a) structural and/or (b) requiring more wiring than, say, replacing a light fixture, I believe in hiring a professional. On the bright side, we are happy where we live and want to stay here a long time, so once I manage to muster the funds, it will be worth undertaking. On the downside, the goal of “really” redoing it makes more minor projects seem pointless, even though many are much needed.

  7. Dude.

    I bow to your home makeover gangsta-ness.

    Seriously, I want to live in that room. It’s totally my style. I love the cool fresh look, but it still feels warm and home-y.

    I need to hire you to redecorate my space!

  8. Looks AWESOME! Our room is gray but now I’m thinking it’s time to change that! I love the colors! Also, that dresser is perfect! I love it! That’s exactly what I want! We are still using my husbands childhood dressers! It’s seriously time for some adult furniture!

    Great job! Thanks for sharing! And be sure to update when yuo get more art on the walls! I LOVE those greeting cards!

  9. The room looks great. Kudos to Frank for bringing home the print that pulls it all together (in my opinion). I love the freak out and throw stuff print, too.

  10. Gorgeous! Love the prints. And I do have a LOT planned. We’re finally at the point to start doing it again! Hurray! House poor for the first few years, then E, now it’s time! Oooh I have so many fun ideas. 🙂

  11. Great job! It looks really nice!

    Nothing planned here except cleaning the garage. I’m not sure that qualifies. I’m sure I’ll think of something to do over summer break, though!

  12. I am a fan of home improvement channels. I find visiting furniture stores very enjoyable. I don’t have a clear view of what I am looking for but when I spot furniture that best fits a space, I feel very excited. I like the way your rooms turn out and the white dresser is a jackpot.

  13. Just catching up. Looks FABULOUS.

    No major makeovers scheduled, but we seriously need new flooring for the living room. Carpet (which is what we have now) or hardwood? I keep going back & forth. We also need to do a major cleanout of our garage. :p

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