Bullets are for Gangstas – Episode 4? 5? Something.

Three weeks away from the twins' delivery. Homeboy still has my back.
  • I had a helluva day at work today. It was the kind of day in which I wish that I could save some of these kids from themselves, and then I feel sad because I know that I can’t. Only they have the power to save themselves. I just hope that they realize this before it’s too late and they’re ruined forever.
  • Part III of my Emotional Infertility and the ALI Community series will be published on Monday. I haven’t had the time this week to devote to writing it, but I’ll spend the weekend working on it and will schedule it to go live first thing Monday morning. I still have to respond some comments left on Part I and Part II to respond to; I’m not ignoring those of you who have responded, I promise! The conversation is still going, if anyone still wants to chime in.
  • Allergies suck balls.
  • I feel a case of The Sads coming on. It’s just a mild case, like a sniffle or that tickle you get in the back of your throat when you think you might cough, but you aren’t quite sick enough to do so. The moment will pass, and then I’ll be fine. Just, y’know…next week is Hug a Gangsta Week.
  • Kaelyn (the 6-year old, for those of you new here) – Frank and I have wondered for a while if she might have ADHD. I’m saying that in all seriousness. We’ve been in “watch and wait” mode for the past year, but as the signs which have our senses on alert are becoming more pronounced, my gut instinct is telling me that our hunch is correct. All of that said, she’s also being tested for Gifted. I knew from the moment she started walking at 9.5 months that she was going to be the one who kept us on our toes.
  • Kyra’s braces are adorable. I’m pretty sure that by the end of summer, she will be as tall as I am.
  • Jaiden – the boy is so much like me in the “brilliant but underachiever” sense that it’s a bit scary. I swear by my foot in the crack of his ass that I WILL save him from himself. His grades are still relatively high with all A’s and B’s, but we had to light a bit of a fire under him to pull a couple of C’s up, when we know perfectly well that he’s capable of doing better. We’re really going to have to help him out with his organization and keeping track of everything when he starts middle school next year. I say that as I sit here struggling to remember what it is I’m supposed to do before I go to bed tonight….
  • Jordan – today in Gifted they started a unit about volcanoes, beginning with how the Hawaiian islands were formed. He was very excited about the fact that they got to wear grass skirts and leis while they learned about “plate tectonics and subduction and vulcanology” (his words, not mine). I wish I had a picture of that.
  • Frank – he’s my homeboy. I mean, seriously. How lucky am I that I have this guy who loves me like crazy but doesn’t think I’m crazy even when I am a bit crazy? I won the lottery.
  • I’d like to win the lottery. The one with cash. Word.

9 thoughts on “Bullets are for Gangstas – Episode 4? 5? Something.”

  1. You look very much the same then and now (the face, not the body!) but wow Frank was sooo young. I’m really digging those curls.

    Jordan is just young enough that the kids thought the grass skirts were fun instead of (insert homophobic slur here).

    Let’s start Hug A Gangsta week early. (())

  2. {{{Hugs}}} and, my thugette, if you get yourself to Charlotte this summer, I’ll get you completely stocked up on {{{hugs}}} to get through any sads that show up.

    So, what would you do if you won the lottery?

  3. I love that picture!! You look SO much like my bestie in London, who I miss so much. She’s gorgeous and so are you.

    (((Hugs))) I’m so sorry the sads have shown up. Go away, sads!

  4. While you’re swearing by your foot in the crack of your son’s ass, my daughter has been swearing by any and all “butt crack”s in the west suburban area. Apparently, “butt” and “crack” are two of the funniest words ever put together, and they must be spoken at the top of your lungs whenever there are three consecutive seconds of silence. You might want to try it. It just might be the “sads” repellent you’ve been looking for.

  5. I love this! My favorite quote, “I swear by my foot in the crack of his ass that I WILL save him from himself.”

  6. I totally feel you on wanting to have the power to save kids. As educators, I think we have the power to save more than we actually know. We might not be Superman status, but there are children out there who NEED us. I mean, think about it, we spend more time with them than their parents do during the week. Keep trying, Wonderwoman!

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