Ask Me Some Questions…

…and I’ll tell you some lies. No, I’ll tell the truth. Maybe.

Seriously, though–sometimes after I’ve written a big piece into which I’ve dumped a lot of brain energy and thought, I’m left a little drained until my tanks refill. Give me some prompts, please. What’s something that you may have always wanted to ask me and never did. Is there something that I started writing about ages ago and sort-of left you hanging on? The aftermath of my brother-in-law’s wedding comes to mind. I started that story here two years ago and never came back to let you know how the dreaded ghetto wedding went. (I actually did write about that on Aiming Low a few months ago.)

Do you have any questions about me or my life or the kids or Frank the Fantastic Fartknocker?

Of course, all of this is assuming that you find me interesting enough not to leave me standing here at the microphone with crickets chirping in the background.

Please don’t leave me standing here at the microphone with crickets chirping in the background.

Some random bullets for you:

  • My students are taking high-stakes standardized testing this week. For those of you not in the educational jargon know, “high-stakes” means there is some huge consequence attached to whether a student passes or fails a test. In this case, if they don’t pass this test, my 8th graders do not get to promote to high school. Thank you, No Child Left Behind, for placing too much emphasis on testing. Still, there is something evilly satisfying in seeing the students who’ve been too lackadaisical with their studies fry brain cells and short-circuit synapses.
  • The twins are taking their “tour the middle school” field trip in a couple of weeks. I am spazzing. I’ve been spending a lot of time ruminating over why I am having freakniptions over the fact that they will be in 6th grade next year. Expect to see some posts on that in the next couple of weeks.
  • There’s an unanswered Gangsta question still out there. You want to earn those points. There’s a prize at stake. Here it is again in case you missed it or chickened out last time:
    “Josie” is one woman of Steely Dan song lyrics. Name five others (the names can be either titles or merely mentioned in the verses).  This question is worth ten points. I’m going to change the rules and say that you can Google the answer. Also, you can get 5 points for each name you can give me, provided that someone hasn’t already used that name.
  • Do you have a support group to submit to the Tribes page? Tribes can be anything — a page on your blog, a completely separate blog, a regularly-scheduled Tweet-up, a Facebook page — anything. You can also put in a request for me to announce that you are looking for a certain type of support. Someone out there might be able to point you in the right direction. Read about how Finding Your Tribe works.

It’s Tuesday. What’s going on in your ‘hood today?


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18 thoughts on “Ask Me Some Questions…”

  1. I yahooed (because I like to give them support instead of Google) and found Peg and Aja. Not sure about Rikki – I always thought that was a guy for some reason. But I’ll stop there because yahoo made it too easy. 🙂 (

    Here’s my question for you, because I am amassing opinions on this to determine whether I am trying to keep the pressure off or holding my child back:

    How many activities do your kids participate in? How much of their time does this take up?

    1. I give you credit for Rikki. Given the lyrics, I’ve always imagined Rikki to be a woman, unless Fagen and Becker were exploring gay relationships. In which case, kudos to them, either way.

      15 points to you!

      Great question about the kids’ activities. That’s most definitely going to be a stand-alone blog post before too long.

  2. How about all sorts of random questions… favorite book? Someplace you’ve never been, but would like to visit (by yourself, with Frank, with the whole gang)? If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Favorite way to indulge yourself? How did you decide to become a teacher? (and has your social awkwardness ever had an effect on your job/career?) If you weren’t a teacher, what would you do for a living? What moments or events have defined your life (for better or for worse)? What are you most proud of? (please ignore that I ended that sentence with a preposition) What are you most afraid of? (ending with an “of” again) What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

    Okay, I’ll stop there for now 🙂

    1. I think I’m going to attack your question about how I decided to be a teacher and my social awkwardness’s effect on my profession. That’s a meaty answer to give, especially because I am in the throes of wanting a career shift, but not knowing exactly which avenue to take.

  3. I was wondering what ended up happening at that wedding…guess I’ll run over to Aiming Low to find out. How did the Minions do in that powerpoint competition? Has the Fantastic Fartknocker developed any cookie recipes lately that he’d be willing to share with us? Were there any Easter Egg Hunt adventures/chaos/memorable moments this year?

    Today, I have 3 main foci. #1, getting to the post office to mail checks to the government. #2, figuring out how to go about this blogging stuff. #3, staying calm until the NC from the clinic calls me with my GS’s first round of beta numbers.

  4. Can’t say I have a question…since I ask you whatever I want anyway. LOL.
    By the way, really like the new header. 🙂

    And since you gave permission to google…… 🙂


    1. 30 points to you, Pam! You take the lead with that awesome searching prowess of yours. Thanks for the props on my new header. I’m especially proud of the fact that I did it myself (as simple as it is), instead of screaming for help from one of my go-to girls. 🙂

    1. I first whined at length about the wedding in this post:

      Then I left everyone hanging about how everything turned out for a while. I finally got around to writing about the wedding itself in the Aiming Low post that I linked to above!

      How are you holding up, friend? You’ve been on my mind. xoxoxo

  5. We just got the letter in the mail telling us where Zoe will go to kindergarten next year. It wasn’t a surprise since we requested that she go to our neighborhood school, but I hear you on the spazzing thing. Here’s a question that I’ve had recently, when, and how, do I talk to my daughter about choosing her clothes. She’s picked her outfits for years now, and as a toddler could totally pull off the completely unmatched clothes. But now in my spazzing, I’m worried she’s going to get teased for pairing flowered pants with a knit skirt and a soccer shirt.

    I’m working on a tribe submission.

    1. I’ll have your Announcement up on Monday! I’m giving you 10 Gangsta Points for being the first person to submit to Tribes!

      Ah, the clothing battle! Great question, and an easy one to answer in a quick post!

  6. Since you are a teacher as well as mother of boy-girl twins, I’m curious what you did about keeping them in the same classroom vs. separating. When they were younger of course; now that they’re headed to middle school all bets are off and I’m guessing that they’ll happen to be in the same class sometimes and not others.

    On a totally different topic, I’ve always wondered about Teej’s status in your family. On the blog he’s a member of El Cinco but not other groupings (no photo in the sidebar, not in the family portrait, not a Minion). What does he think of being counted as one of your kids or not? What do the Minions think? I have a dear friend who took a boy into her home (no official adoption or anything, his horrible father basically said if you want him take him, I don’t care) and raised him with her kids, and now that they are all grown, she refers to him as her son and he’s present at holidays and big family vacations, but he isn’t on the Christmas card and if asked she says that she has four children rather than five. I’m very interested in kids who have this sort-of status, part of daily life but not 100% considered as a child the way that the other kids are. Like Tom Hagan in The Godfather, raised with the other kids and called a brother (and he was in Connie’s wedding pictures with the rest of the family) but not counted as one of the children. Of course unlike my friend’s son and Tom Hagan, Teej has a biological parent who’s still in his life, which perhaps complicates things further.

    And, how is Baby M doing?

    1. Three great questions, each of which I’ll respond to in separate posts. Well, I’ll answer the first two in separate posts. The question regarding Baby M is kind-of a loaded gun for me right now, and I’ve been teetering on how to sensitively address my feelings about the situation here in a post. It’s something that has been brewing and I’ve been moving closer to write something about it soon. To answer your question in short for now, as far as I know, Baby M is going as well as can be expected with his treatment.

  7. no searching, and no reading the other comments, just accessing random corners of my memory…

    katy, aja, peg, rikki, louise(?)

    ok, questions:
    – tell us about the 5 in el cinco, your nephew. does he still live with you? do your kids treat him more like a cousin or brother? how about others?
    – where do you buy your bras? have you ever been fitted? do you wear one around the house, like always?
    – how do you tolerate all those 8th graders? what is your favorite thing about teaching that age?
    – how does being a teacher affect how you approach your own children’s schooling/education?

  8. I have also been waiting breathlessly to hear about the wedding… thanks for the link! Now I can sleep tonight. ; ) (Great photo of you & Frank, btw.)

    Does “Hey Nineteen” count??

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