Contest: Win a Caricature Drawing!

Dearest Gangstas,

because I love you so much for being a part of my posse, I’ve asked Ashley if she’d be willing to offer one of her caricatures as a prize on my blog. She was like, “Word up, homie – anything for you because you are ALL THAT and a pack of Pop Rocks.” Okay, so maybe she didn’t say that, but she was excited to help a sista out with this contest.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, here’s the drawing that she did of Frank and me:

For the winner, Ashley will create a drawing of up to 2 people. The winner will send via email a photo of you (and your +1, or whatever 2 people you choose) and your mailing info to Ashley, and then she’ll send your caricature to you via snail mail. For examples of caricatures she’s drawn, take a look at Ashley’s gallery. As you can see, Ashley can draw you in a particular locale. We just opted to have a blank background.

How to Enter – you can receive up to 6  entries. PLEASE LEAVE SEPARATE COMMENTS FOR EACH ENTRY. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass, but it makes it easier for me to give you credit for all of your entries.

  1. Leave a comment here saying who you’ll have Ashley draw (and with what backdrop) if you win.
  2. Visit Ashley’s blog. View some of her galleries and leave a comment somewhere on one of her pages.
  3. Tweet about the contest with a link back to this post.
  4. Do the Facebook thing with a link back to this post.
  5. Subscribe to my blog in a reader or via email updates .  If you do already, tell me so to get credit!
  6. Follow me on Twitter. If you do already,  tell me to get credit!

Use the social media panel over there → or down there ↓ to follow and subscribe. 

Entries must be received by  Saturday, May 5, 11pm EST.


May the Gangsta force be with you.

Word to the up.

24 thoughts on “Contest: Win a Caricature Drawing!”

  1. I’m not going to enter – I live in the UK anyway so posting would cost an arm and a leg and then thanks to our crap mail it would probably never arrive. But what’s this about points ?
    Can they be traded in for chocolate like my tesco clubcard ?
    Just in case I’m reminding you that I am following on Twitter and I signed up to the blog. I actually love the fact that the little thing in the corner says “Howdy” cowgirl. Makes me smile every time 🙂

  2. I’d have Ashley draw my husband and I. We’d either be at a hospital (’cause that’s where we met, as patients) or somewhere in San Francisco (since we go there once a month).

  3. It would be me and the Husband. Maybe at the pyramids of Giza (we lived near there); maybe him with a flamenco guitar and me with a flute (just a normal one, thankyouverymuch), maybe us ballroom dancing. Maybe him as a beast and me as a beauty (insert easy joke here). Maybe him as a doctor and me as the bride of Frankenstein.

    Hmmmmmm….I’m going to be thinking about the possibilities all night.

  4. I’d draw me and Vic. Not sure what the locale would be, but I’m sure you could help there.

    And you’re a famous gangsta now because you’re up on her site. 🙂

  5. Ok, final one…commented on Ashley’s caricature gallery. She really does a great job, evidenced by capturing that look of Frank’s. LOL.

  6. (1) Ha! I would have the drawing done of me alone, or me & a friend or my parents for their anniversary gift this year. I haven’t decided yet but definitely one of the 3.

    (2) I already follow you on twitter. Credit me chica! 😉

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