Caricature Winner and Other Random Announcements!

Congratulations, Kristin! You’ve won a caricature drawing by Ashley! You had the magic number of 22:

So, Kristin – for some reason, I have a zillion different email addresses for you. Hit me up to let me know which one I should send on to Ashley so that you guys can bump heads over what you’d like to have drawn, your mailing info, etc! I can’t wait to see you and Vic stylized in cartoon form! Thanks to everyone who entered!


See that Gangsta Points thingy over there? → You want to earn those. I’m going to throw trivia questions into my blog posts here and there. At the end of a specified time period, the person with the highest score will win a prize. I’ve sucked so much support out of you all over the past few years, that this is just a small way I can give a little love back. Be on the lookout for those Gangsta Points questions.

Tribes Update: At first I thought to myself, “Gee, THAT went nowhere fast,” because no one put in any requests to start or seek Tribes. No biggie; it’s better to try positive things and have them fail than it is not to try at all. <ForrestGump>My mama always says ‘It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.'</ForrestGump> But then I checked my Contact Form thingy this weekend, and discovered that I set it up with a glitch of some sort. Also, I found that the Tribe notices landed in my Spam mail instead of my inbox.  So, I can tell that two or three of you have sent in Tribe Announcements, but the full messages/information didn’t get sent due to the glitch in the Tribes Announcements form.  I’m going to get that fixed this week, and then Tribe Announcements can be re-submitted beginning this weekend. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Crappy Mom/Kyra’s Hand Update: Thanks to all of you for the love. Kyra is a trooper and was fully recovered within a day of her hand being singed. She didn’t even blister, thank God.

That’s all I have for today, folks. I’m going to start answering the loads of questions that you guys asked a couple of weeks ago, starting with what’s going on with The Teej (my nephew).

Love, peace, and hair grease.



12 thoughts on “Caricature Winner and Other Random Announcements!”

  1. Looks like I need to get crackin’ on getting me some gangsta points!

    Glad to hear that Kyra made a quick and full recovery.

  2. I hope you’re keeping track of my gangsta points! I can barely keep track of what day it is!

    Glad Kyra healed quickly!

  3. I am so excited about the caricature. I think it might be a present for Vic (if I can contain my excitement and not tell him about it).

    Glad Kyra is ok.

    And, glad you got the Tribes thing figured out.

  4. That caricature looks great. I bet that Kristin is very happy after winning it.

  5. I would love to have some of those gangsta points too. I wanna win myself the caricature.

  6. When is the next winner being announced? I really need to win this time round….

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