Frankfest 2012 – Father's Day


It’s again that time of the year in which there are back-to-back Frank events. In all frankness (<— ho, ho) I could go on and on about how ballsome this man is, but then I might run the risk of making you all sick with the minutiae of how he spoils me rotten by doing things like serving me breakfast in bed just because and rubbing my back until I fall asleep and…

today is totally not about our marriage. I’ll save that for Friday, which is our 16th anniversary. This isn’t about Frank as a husband; it’s about Frank as a father. Today is Father’s Day, and as of tomorrow, he’ll have been a father for 11 years.

Speaking of those almost-11-year-olds and their father:

…the man doesn’t age. I, however, am showing every one of the eleven years since the twins were born.


Happy Father’s Day, babe.

11 thoughts on “Frankfest 2012 – Father's Day”

  1. juliecgardner

    Bill and I will be married 16 years this summer, too;
    and DANG if we ladies didn’t pick most excellent men back in 1996.
    So cheers to our good judgment, right?
    And to Frank. And Bill.
    Plus foot rubs and breakfast in bed.
    Just because.

    1.  @juliecgardner It’s either cheers to OUR good judgment or THEIR tolerance for our relative insanity. Either way, they are The Awesome and that alone proves that WE are, too. Happy anniversary, Julie!

  2. That side eye picture is the best. Oh man is that great.
    Happy birthday to the twins an happy fathers day to Frank!

    1.  @emailforio I wish I knew what they heck they were looking at! My sister was the one who snapped this picture. Frank said that he doesn’t even remember. Oh, well. At least we know Jordan has mastered that skill!

  3. Awwww… very cool all around! And happy upcoming birthday to the almost-11-year-olds!
    Also, Friday is my sister’s anniversary (4th), and Saturday is ours (also 16th). I don’t remember whether I knew that our anniversaries are this close, but hey– it’s cool no matter when we figured it out. Happy almost-anniversary!

    1.  @JuliaKB Luna’s anniversary is on Friday, too, and she’s also been married for 16 years (if my memory is serving correctly). Our great minds were thinking alike way back then before we even knew each other. 🙂

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