In Key – A Verse on Our Sixteenth Anniversary

Music is where we met.
You remember what I was wearing
but all I recall is the glint of your trumpet
and the lean of your smile.

made a song of you and me.
It took some time for you to see
me as the perfect counter to your seeking melody.
I waited patiently
somehow knowing eventually
you would come back around
(D.C. al coda)
with your ears open.

You heard me on the grace notes of goodbye
(if you’re serious, so am I)
and I became your someone to love.

On bended knee
you took my hand
and I held yours
when we made our stand.

Our symphony
is written in the key
of us and in our heartbeat
is the rhythm.

In unison.


We are fortunate. How the past 16 years of marriage have gone by so quickly, I don’t know. I only know that I love you and this life we’ve built together.

Happy anniversary, my Frank.

Then there’s you… 


This is post #2 of Frankfest 2012. Read #2 about Father’s Day. Up next: Frank’s birthday on July 6.

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