Livefyre Review. In Short, It's the Devil. Like Typepad.

Livefyre – I’ve decided that I hate it.

1. It took forever to import all of my comments, thanks to a wonky comment someone left in 2008 which looked like a broken html tag. The installation engine thingy kept getting tripped up on it, so it kept freezing at 940 of 12,500+ comments. Props to Livefyre: their support was exemplary as they helped me find the problem in a timely manner. Once I tracked down the bad comment and fixed it, the rest of my comments imported properly.

2. I don’t like that Livefyre doesn’t make it easy for me to follow users back to their own blogs. I like being able to read your comment, click on your name, and be taken directly to your blog. Clicking on your name in Livefyre takes me to your Livefyre profile, and if you haven’t included your blog link there, I can’t find you.

3. I don’t like LF’s settings panel. It doesn’t jive well with me being notified whenever someone replies on my blog.  I had to keep coming back to my blog to see if I had any new comments. That’s not so bad for the current posts, but how am I supposed to know if someone dug up a post from 2 years ago and commented on it? That happens from time to time, and with LF, there’s no way I’d ever know. Furthermore, I don’t want to subscribe to the comments of ALL blogs that I comment on that use LF — only on my own blog. From what I’ve seen, there’s no way to distinguish between the two. It’s either all or nothing.

4. There is always a lag or a discrepancy between the number of comments I actually have and what my comments counter shows. Sometimes it would show zero comments when I actually had 20+.

5. And to prove further why I don’t like Livefyre, I just deactivated it so that I could go back to using CommentLuv. When I did, ALL of the comments that have been left for me since I started using Livefyre have been wiped. Apparently when you’re using Livefyre, your comments aren’t stored in your WordPress comments area; they’re held hostage by Livefyre. I am not a fan of programs and plug-ins holding your shit hostage (like Typepad does with your images). My stuff should belong to ME and not the programs that I choose to use. I’m fairly salty about losing my recent comments, because my last two posts were serious ones and the comments that I received on them were important to me.

I tried out Livefyre primarily as a way to combat spam, and secondarily to integrate Facebook conversations about my posts right here on my blog. Dealing with six or seven spammy comments a week is less trouble than dealing with Livefyre has been, and there are other Facebook plug-ins that won’t pull a Libyan hostage crisis on me.

Livefyre = two thumbs down. I’d say two middle fingers up, but I’m not the devil. At least not about this.

In other blog-related news, I’ve installed a plug-in so that those of you who read and comment from mobile devices won’t have such a dastardly time of it.

Tell me: if you’re running a comment plug-in like Livefyre or Disqus, what do you love/hate about it? I’m sticking with CommentLuv for now, but in the future I might be open to trying something different.

17 thoughts on “Livefyre Review. In Short, It's the Devil. Like Typepad.”

  1. Hurray! Disqus seems pretty user friendly from a commenting viewpoint. I don’t know who it works on the blog owner side…

      1. I know that you weren’t a fan, a! I had a couple other people write and say that it was a bit if a bother, too. It seems to work well for some people, but just wasn’t jiving enough with the comment functionality that I want.

  2. Ugh. That’s horrible that you can’t have control of your own comments. I found LiveFyre to be pretty responsive and I hope that they are working hard to get yours back to you.

    St Elsewhere will be happy.

  3. In case you want my comment back I think it was something about how awesome you are. Also, gangsta.

  4. I wasn’t a big fan of Livefyre, but created an account so that I was still able to leave comments on your blog. If my e-mail inbox was getting blown up by their notifications (and I only posted comments on 2 blogs), I’m afraid to imagine what yours looked like.

    It totally stinks that all the comments on your last 2 entries got eaten. Well, it sucks that all of the Livefyre ones disappeared, but especially those from the last two posts, since there were quite a few of us offering thanks and support for your depression disclosure.

  5. I have had challenges with LF, just from the commenting side. In a totally selfish, me-oriented way of thinking I’m glad that you’ve gone back.

  6. I have some of the same issues with IntenseDebate. I can’t follow commenters back to their blogs. If I quit using ID for future posts, I lose all the comments from past posts. I may do it anyway one of these days.

  7. Gah. Sorry about your comments. Livefyre (you should’ve known something was up because they spelled fire with a “y”) subscribed me to the comments on your first self-doubt post, and I still have the emails — i.e. I think I have most of the comments — if you would like me to forward those to you.

  8. Strange, Livefyre is supposed to sync comments back to your database. One of their big selling points is that you should own your comments, unlike systems such as Facebook Comments.

    If you hit them up they’ll probably help you get your comments back.

  9. yay! i can comment again. i do not like subscription based comment requirements so i was waiting on the guest comment feature, but you’ve done one better … you dumped livefyre all together;-). oh and now that you have, i bet you can see that i commented on an old post. hehehehe. hint, typepad is the devil;-).

  10. I’ve just come across your post. Couldn’t agree more. I switched a site to LiveFyre, then back to CommentLuv on one of my sites just now. I want something like LiveFyre but without all the hassle.

  11. I am not sure why you lost your comments, but all of mine are safely stored on my WP comment database, so I can disconnect LF whenever I like with no loss of content. Even the FB comments are now mine!!
    The reason I switched to LF was exactly for the FB comments and so far, so good… I still have a couple of teething issues with the system, but hopefully I will get them sorted.
    Now we are planning a Q&A session with a guest. Let’s see how that goes…

  12. I am not sure why you lost your comments, but all of mine are safely stored on my WP comment database, so I can disconnect LF whenever I like with no loss of content.

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