Let’s just pretend that my last post wasn’t over a month ago, shall we? Let’s just pretend that I’ve been here all along telling you about:

  • transferring to a new school after a 13-year stretch at my old school,
  • working a week’s worth of 16-hour days to get my new classroom all arranged and set up,
  • implementing a beast of a new state-wide curriculum (it’s good and the work is satisfying, but it’s a monster),
  • the twins starting freaking MIDDLE SCHOOL,
  • me freaking about the twins starting freaking MIDDLE SCHOOL,
  • the continued internal processing of the idea that I might be struggling with some degree of depression,
  • Frank the Fantastic Fartknocker and his general continued awesomesauceness,
  • mygeneral continued awesomesauceness and gangsteration. Holla.

I am still insanely busy, but things are slowing down just enough that I can start trying to squeeze in a blog post here and there. I’ve missed you, dear readers.

By the way–you can usually find me on Facebook. My REAL Facebook page, not my blog fan page. I have it locked down on private because I’d rather not have students trying to friend me so that they can get all up in my business, but if you just let me know who you are (“Hey, Kym! I love you and think you’re the shizzle and I read your blog,” works well), I’ll add you.

So tell me–how the hell have you been?

11 thoughts on “Whaddup?”

  1. I didn’t know you were switching schools — that’s HUGE, as is taking on the implementation of a new curriculum.

    On top of middle school!

    I had no doubt, though, of your continued awesomesauciness.

  2. Aw, I missed seeing you in my reader! So I just sent you a FB message.
    We’re preparing to move back to the US from Albania, en route to Colombia in November. So. Lots going on over here too.

  3. No worries, I am a big fan of stalking you on fb. (laughs creepily)
    That’s a lot o stuff to be doing.
    I’m just being kind of depressed (and starting back up at coaching). Are you doing anythign to address the possible depression or still processing it?

  4. Found myself thinking about you this evening. Thinking about how I hadn’t seen anything from you in awhile. Well, as our friend Christopher Wallace would say: if ya don’t know, now ya know.

    Sounds like you’ve been busy. Glad you’re back, hottness.

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