Congratulations, Giuliana & Bill Rancic!

Surrogacy, as it applies to me and my personal experience, has been a heavy weight in my heart lately.

More than you know, and more than I can tell.

However, I will never feel anything less than complete and utter support for surrogacy as a family-building alternative when things don’t go the way they should.

From the very beginning, I have cried (and when appropriate, laughed) with Giuliana and Bill Rancic as they took step after painful step towards having a baby.

I remember mentioning to Frank, long before the Rancics ever mentioned surrogacy onGiuliana & Bill, that I felt in my heart that surrogacy would work out for them if they weren’t successful with traditional IVF.

Though they had no obligation to do so, they opened a window into the very personal spaces of their lives and have allowed us to look in. Infertility. Breast cancer. Surrogacy.

By welcoming us into some of their intimate corners, the Rancics are helping to bring an everyday understanding to challenges that most people don’t deal with every day. They’ve taken surrogacy – a concept that is abstract to many – and have brought it down to a level that emphasizes, and even celebrates, the ordinary inextraordinary.

In a world where anything above building a family the “natural” way is met with skepticism and misunderstanding, anything that fosters that degree of normalcy is welcome.

I thank Giuliana and Bill for showing the world what infertility looks like.

And now, I congratulate Giuliana and Bill on the birth of their son, and I thank them again for showing the world what the beauty of surrogacy looks like.


On Tuesday, the Website of CNN Headline News ( will feature an op/ed piece written by me about what it’s like to be a gestational surrogate. I’ll link here when it’s published. (And you’ll Tweet, Facebook, share the heck out of that sucker. Word.)

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9 thoughts on “Congratulations, Giuliana & Bill Rancic!”

  1. I haven’t really watched their show, but I LOVE that they have been so open about IF. It makes me so happy. And I am very happy for them.
    And woot woot, I will send your stuff out indeed! I look forward to reading it!

  2. I’m so glad you posted about this. When I heard the news this morning, I thought of you. As hard as pg and birth announcements can be the read/hear/see in the ALI community, this is one of those that I was so genuinely happy to read, because I’m so genuinely happy for them. Every time I think about the clip of their show when they learn that their surrogate is pregnant, I get teary, b/c it’s such a beautiful moment. And now here they are – two proud and very deserving parents, thanks to the generosity and commitment of a total stranger.

    A great mazel indeed.

  3. I too was so happy to hear the news of the birth of their son today! Thank you for reminding all of us what an awesome opportunity this was for “the world” to see surrogacy in such a positive light. I have so much admiration for what you and others, including the Rancic’s surrogate, do for those who are not able to carry babies to term on their own. I am proud to say that I watch the Rancic’s show regularly and look forward to this next chapter in their life. Bob and I often joke (when we watch it together) that Bill and Guilianna remind us a lot of us, ya know, if we were rich and famous…

  4. I do not follow their show either, but I had been paying attention to the news trickle about their struggle to have a baby…the troubles, the cancer and all that.

    I am ecstatic that their baby is safely here. Such a positive end to a hard-fought battle.

    I will keep my eyes open for your article.

  5. I cannot WAIT for your piece!! I might even have to play a little Soul II Soul to celebrate 😉

    I agree that Guiliana and Bill did a really brave thing to really show in an unsensational way the world of infertility, breast cancer and surrogacy. The brought us into the drs offices, showed the roller coaster ride and now, their baby born via a gestational carrier. They were dignified, human and real throughout.

    What they did cannot hurt the cause. It can only help.

  6. It’s nice that it led to a “Celebrities who have used surrogates” feature on Yahoo – which seemed pretty non-judgemental.

    HLN, huh? I know another celebrity!

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