Surrogacy in the News – Written by ME

I had the honor of being asked by CNN Headline News to write a short op-ed piece about my experience as a surrogate. I tried to play it cool, but what I really did behind my desk when the email came through was this:

The writing is a little stiffer than my usual gangsta tone, but given the fact that I was writing for OMGNATIONALNEWSY’ALL Headline News, I figured that a little formality was appropriate.

Seriously, though–as you all know, surrogacy is near and dear to my heart. Those of you who’ve been around for a while have seen me rip published news pieces about surrogacy to shreds, so it felt gratifying to be on the writing side of things. Please click over to read, then do me a solid and share the bejeezus out of it: What It’s Like to Be a Surrogate Mother.

For those of you who found my blog through–welcome. I hope you stick around.

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Word to your not-my-baby bird, yo.

10 thoughts on “Surrogacy in the News – Written by ME”

  1. Very nice! I hope plenty of people come to see that and read it – it’s absolutely contrary to how surrogates are generally portrayed in the media. Getting the accurate story out there is vital! Excellent job!

  2. What Baby Smilin’ said. Plus, congratulations — it’s great that CNN identified you (correctly!) as someone who could write a succinct and informative article describing your experience of surrogacy.

  3. So interesting post of your. I like your post very much because I am so interested about any kind of news. I read newspaper and see TV news regularly. Thanks a lot for your nice sharing.

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