Sister Revenge – A Moment for Which I Have Exercised Decades of Patience

Gangstas, if you love me, you will share, share, share this video. The more it is shared, the more I win:

I told you I’d get you back eventually, Chanel.



*for more fun with anesthesia, read here about my wisdom tooth removal:

Luckily for me, though, Frank only snapped a couple of photos and didn’t think to record video.

41 thoughts on “Sister Revenge – A Moment for Which I Have Exercised Decades of Patience”

  1. I should not be laughing so hard, because my sisters would totally have done this to me, had the technology been available at the time…and with no provocation whatsoever.

    As it is, my dad took me to have my wisdom teeth pulled. When we were on our way home from the oral surgeon, he said “Wow. You didn’t say a word the whole way there, and on the way home, you can’t stop talking.” Musta been some good drugs!

  2. OMG. Best. Laugh. In. Forever.

    When I got my wisdom teeth out I demanded to drive home (mom wouldn’t let me, GAH!) then moved a 60lb TV from the living room to my bedroom (because hello who wants to watch TV in the living room postoperatively?). Then I fell asleep and awoke with no memory of any of it. Best weight loss ever though. Damn I wish I had more wisdom teeth to come out.

  3. Lmfao!!! Revenge is awesome!! She’s spent too much time with Dani and her Nemo obsession. Loved it!!!

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  5. This is by far the best humorous video i have ever seen! I feel for Chanel though i had two teeth pulled and it was terrible!
    I showed this to my daughter and niece last night then we went on the porch and they were crying out for Nemo lol. I thought they would wake the neighbors! I can’t stop watching it.
    *Note for viewers* DO NOT attempt to watch this while eating cereal. It will end up all over your laptop- TRUST ME!

  6. This is bad….oh this is so bad. I thought I had the strength to resist the temptation of posting the story of this one thing one of my brothers did one time. I’m really struggling now. Curses!

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