Get in My Binder, Woman

No, really — get in my binder.

Don’t you sometimes wish you had a whole folder full of awesome women to carry around? No? Well, neither did I until Romney bragged about his “whole binders full of women.”

I wondered, “Why should Romney have all the fun? He can’t even make up his mind on whether or not women should have easy and affordable access to birth control, so what makes him so damned special that he gets his own binders full of smart, capable women?”

Then I realized I that I already have my own cadre of brilliant women. I just needed to get you into a binder.

jw moxie's binder full of ballsome women

I’m filling this binder with ballsome women, whether I’ve met you face-to-face or only in cyberspace.

Some of you are already there. If you’re not yet, please take no offense. For the first run, I simply rounded up the links to which I had easy access at the time. This is a constant work in progress, and there is a long list of people that I still intend to add.

If I haven’t added you yet, please don’t wait to see if I will. COMMENT HERE NOW if you want to be included, that way you’re sure I’ll get you in there eventually.

This is more than just a binder full of women I’ve personally crossed paths with one way or another. I want this to be a repository for anything that empowers and encourages us as women. If it can be found online, it can be put into the binder (it works a bit like Pinterest, but not). Share with me links, articles, photos, etc that define what it means to be a ballsome woman.

With your help, the folder will continue to grow and become a go-to source of inspiration. Some days you might want just a quick pick-me-up. Other days, you might want to dig around in there and find some new blogs to read.

What is there now is just the beginning of a work in progress that will never be finished. Why will it never be complete? Because a woman’s work is never done, that’s why. Our awesomeness just doesn’t quit.

You are too big to be minimized and contained within a politician’s ill-played response.

You’re too ballsome for that.

You have the balls to be awesome.


19 thoughts on “Get in My Binder, Woman”

  1. Makes me wish I had not quit blogging. I’ve thought about starting up a secret blog about my current situation though. We shall see.

  2. I may not have a ton to blog about (I’m sort of in blogger purgatory trying to figure out where I belong), but I’m still awesome. Lol.

  3. I want to be in your Binder! However… I want YOU to say why I deserve to be among ballsyness!

    Your mission…

  4. omg, that is ME up in there. I am honored. Thank you, lady. I love this idea.

    Because we are all way too huge to be trivialized into a politician’s anecdote (and bad one at that).

  5. Haven’t posted in forever, but you know I love you. Is this a great idea or the greatest idea?!

    Also, please check out the reviews on binders at Amazon. Some fabulous comments there. 🙂

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