Infertility Junk Bingo

In response to yesterday’s semi-weepy post about the inability to let go of random detritus related to infertility, Sharah said this:

Can we start an infertility detritus bingo card? I have old calendars, pee sticks from both kids, EOB sheets from my insurance company, and dr office receipts all squirreled away in little hiding holes throughout the house. Do I need them for anything? No. But I haven’t processed my experience to the point where I feel like I can let all that stuff go yet.

Shara’s suggestion struck me as hilarious. I’m all for turning lemons into lemonade lemon vodka.


infertility junk bingo

Want to play along? You know the rules. Print a card, mark your squares, gather your junk, and take a photo of it all. Write up a quick post on your blog (including a link back to this post so that everyone can each other’s posts) and leave a comment with the link here to let us know where to find you. Or, simply share this post with someone you think could use the laugh.

I know I’m laughing.

Maybe that’s just the lemon vodka talking.

6 thoughts on “Infertility Junk Bingo”

  1. This just reminded me that the hub totally uses my old basal thermometer anytime he is feeling hot…it’s the only one in the house!

  2. omg, I am just two squares shy of a total, blackout, baby! Pics coming after the weekend. I promise.

  3. Alexicographer

    I love it. But you forgot a few! Here are some more items you might [cough cough] want to add:

    Saved photos of pregnancy tests? Spreadsheets tracking follicle size, by date (and dosage), and comparing this cycle to earlier cycles? Letter from the clinic telling you your CCCT results mean you’ll never get pregnant using your own eggs? Also, ahem ahem, where are the suppositories? I mean, really: infertility bingo with no suppositories?

  4. Uh oh. I’m three squares shy of blackout! Lol. I, um, could add that I still have the giant q-tip I took from the clinic because…well, I don’t know why I took it, but I did! Am I the only one who did that kind of thing?

  5. Oh my…. thank you so much for this… I’m in such a bad place right now, and needed a laugh. I have to say, that was probably the first good belly laugh I’ve had in weeks! 🙂

  6. Today I stashed my son’s birthday present (to keep it out of sight until needed) in an old … “keeps medicine cold” silver bag — I know you know the kind I mean — because that was the obvious thing to grab and stuff it in, as I was standing in front of my closet. Thought of you :).

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