10 Reasons Why Americans Should Support Marriage Equality

I caught the gay - marriage equality


  1. It’s AMERICA, y’all. “…with liberty and justice for all.” It doesn’t say, “…with liberty and justice for all, expect if you’re gay.” Prohibiting marriage equality is unconstitutional.
  2. If gays and lesbians exchange wedding vows and wedding bands, it won’t trigger a chain reaction that causes your vows and bands to dissolve. Sorry for those of you heteros who were hoping for a cheap and easy way to get divorced.
  3. Allowing marriage equality doesn’t stop you from being a Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc.
  4. In fact, lots of LGBTQ people are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.
  5. Marriage equality won’t stop anyone from being an asshole, either, so you guys are safe, too.
  6. America isn’t going to explode into a fiery ball of gay flames. Although if it did, I’m sure it would be awesome because there would be glitter and sparkles and a new national anthem written by RuPaul.
  7. This is bigger than marriage rights; this is a civil rights issue. LGBTQ is the new Black. Mr. & Mrs. Loving, an interracial couple, were given the right to wed in 1967. The same freedom needs to be extended to all of the Mr. & Mr. _________ and Mrs. and Mrs. __________.
  8. As a country, we have better things to worry about instead of spending so much time and energy focusing on how two consenting adults choose to love each other for the rest of their lives. I’d really like to figure out how we can force MTV to put real people on The Real World again (*sniff* Miss you, Pedro).
  9. We allowed Justin Beiber in America, and so far, we seem to be surviving him.
  10. Not allowing marriage equality compares and quantifies love. Who am I to say that my love is superior because I happen to love someone of the opposite gender? LOVE is LOVE.What more needs to be said?

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8 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Americans Should Support Marriage Equality”

  1. Preach on, my friend. As I shared in a post on my blog today, it took me longer than some to come around to this way of thinking about marriage equality as a civil right. But I am there now and proud to share my support about this important issue.

  2. All well said Kym! Number 2 made me burst out laughing (it usually does, tee hee). I’m actually hoping for number 6 to become a reality. Everyone would be more polite and also more fashion conscious. Don’t be hatin’ on the Biebs; although his fandom can be annoying, the dude is very talented and a hard worker. Not to mention being Canadian *coff coff*. Maybe he and Ru Paul could do a duet?

    In all seriousness though, I’m down for this, always have been. Carry on.

  3. Well said. My partner and I were planning on getting married in 2008 when Prop 8 passed and we ultimately decided not to get married because we didn’t want to enter into an institution that had become defined by discrimination. We’ve been waiting almost five years to get married. I really hope this is it for us in California.

  4. I’m sad about number 6. A fiery ball of gay flames is exactly what this country needs in these troubled times.

    I just don’t get how people can not get it.

  5. I love reading all these amazing posts about how silly it is for us to even question this.
    Your made me giggle and nod and then more slowly say to myself, “when are we as a country going to “get this?””
    a new national anthem that we could groove to would be cool…and unicorns being our mascot would be cool too. LOVE IS COOL, I wish everyone would understand that and let it kick the crap out of Hate. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Ditto to all of the above. Believe it or not; a lot of people I know didn’t know in the not too distant past it was illegal for interracial couples to get married or know and FORGOT.

    This is truly about CIVIL RIGHTS!!!!

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