2013 – The Year of "Seriously?"

2014 new yer toast

I didn’t like 2013 very much. I think it was out to get me.

Considering all of the great struggles of my life, I can without a doubt declare 2013 to be the worst of my almost 36 years. That’s saying a lot, because I’ve also had some pretty damned awesome things happen this year, too.

I have my health. I have my Frank. I have my kids. I have a renewed energy with my career. I have my (relative) sanity. All that is good is very good.

I guess maybe there is some sort of cosmic balance at play, because what is bad is very bad.

It is exhausting, carrying this particular bag of troubles. I’m tired. And it’s dark here in this hole.

The one good thing about being caught in dark of these problems is that the light provided by my friends and family shines that much brighter. Without them, the dark would have been that much more pervasive. When I came up for air they were there, and that is what has made all the difference in 2013.

In my small circle of friends, it seems like I’m not the only one who can summarize 2013 thusly: The good was great; the bad was off-the-charts asshattery.

Crossing the midnight threshold won’t make our 2013 problems suddenly poof into smoke, but I can’t help but feel like 2014 will bring with it the winds of change that will blow brighter days our way.

I’ll try not to be so absent as I sit and pray and hope and wait for the sun to find me again.

Happy New Year, playas.

(On a semi-related note–it feels mighty damned fine to know that so many of you still have your ears to the ground waiting for me to come stomping around again. It’s like a gangsta never left.)

17 thoughts on “2013 – The Year of "Seriously?"”

  1. I could have written almost the same post… that is, if I bothered to update my blog. Heh. Happy New Year! May 2014 contain shallower valleys and higher peaks. And unicorns. I want to see unicorns.

    1. Hey, Bag Lady! I did even less blog reading than I did blog writing in 2013, but from the little reading I did do, it seemed like many of us who were active writers a few years ago had little more than crickets and cobwebs on our blogs.

      Hopefully there will be unicorns AND SPARKLES for all of us this year! Glad to see you here, Shelli!

  2. I hope that 2014 brings you peace the peace and positive energy that you deserve, peppa…remember, you will reap what you sow!!

    <3 Ya! ~Salt

    1. Hey, Salt! I’ve been busy planting lots of seeds, so hopefully 2014 is the year of growth and abundant harvest. I can definitely say that one of the brighter points of last year was meeting you, my friend!

  3. I concur wholeheartedly. 2013 was the best year in pieces but the worst overall. I am grateful for friends and family being there bit so glad to see this year end. Winds of change sound glorious. And I missed your writing. I’m not there myself and don’t know if the old blog will ever be dusted off again…but so glad to see a post from you again.

    1. I miss your writing, too, J. Krackalackin’, but at least we keep up with each other to some degree on Facebook. Maybe a brand new blog would put you in a better place to write rather than dusting off the old one. We’re different people than we were back then and going through different challenges. I still have all my old stuff here, but I feel like it’s in the attic instead of front and center. It helps! Let me know if that’s something you want, and maybe I can help you out with that. 🙂

  4. I know good things happened in 2013, but then the universe got ripped apart in November, and those things seem so very far away now. I’m keeping my head down, hoping 2014 doesn’t see me.

    1. Oh, Bionic. I’ve missed so much in the past year — both the good and the bad. I just read about what happened, and I am so sorry that in November (and everyday since) your world was cracked the way that it was. I wasn’t there before, but I’m here now, and I am abiding with you and with Sugar.

  5. 2012 was my sucky year, and it extended into the first half of 2013 as well. The second half starting showing some light. Here’s to a 2014 with two good halves instead of just one.

  6. 2013 truly was the hardest year ever for me. But I can’t say that it was awful, as it was the last time I held my son.

    I noticed a huge difference in the number of bloggers “around” in between ceasing my IF blog and starting my neonatal death blog. I do wonder how a few of them are travelling these days.

  7. Yes, this: “The good was great; the bad was off-the-charts asshattery.

    If I was gangsta enough to use the word “gangsta” I would be very clever telling you I’m glad you’re back.

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