The Golden Age of Frank

golden Frank

Remember this post from 2009 when Frank finally decided that he wanted to be a PE teacher when he grew up? After years of indecision, Frank’s sudden spark of passion to enter into Education came as a relief to me. (I may or may not have been tapping a figurative foot of impatience for him to choose a career path, especially as Kaelyn was entering Pre-K and his years of being primarily a stay-at-home-dad were drawing to a close.) We’d spent the day with the VA Education and enrollment counselors getting Frank registered for college. Looking at his Program of Study and the long list of classes, I recall feeling like it would take forever for him to finish. Well, forever went a lot faster than I thought it would, and this past December, my Frank graduated with a B.S. of Health & Physical Education — cum laude, dammit.

frank graduate

Frank killed it. It was one collective moment of awe to see his confidence as a student and as a pre-service teacher grow. When I go on one of my tangents about the direction that education in the U.S. seems to be headed in, I no longer have to explain what IEP, 504, SST, RtI, or CCSS means; we speak the same language now. , Kaelyn cried and the older three puffed up their chests with pride when he walked across the stage to get his diploma. If I hadn’t been busy blinking the tears back from my own eyes, maybe I would have had the presence of mind to snap a picture of their faces. I wish Frank could have seen it, but I’m sure felt it as surely as he could feel the dean’s congratulatory handshake. 

Now our impatience (both of ours) is him landing a job. Chances are slim that he’ll start teaching in the second half of this school year, but we’re hopeful in the spring, there will be a contract for him to sign to start teaching in the ’14-’15 school year.

This weekend we had Chinese for dinner. He almost never eats fortune cookies, but he cracked one open on Saturday.

golden egg

2014 is looking up already. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky and he won’t have to wait to start his career.

(Please, God, don’t make him wait to start his career.)

13 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Frank”

  1. A) HUZZAH! Congratulations to Frank! And to you, for that matter. This is simply terrific news, and I’m sending up good prayers and vibes that he lands a position quickly.

    2) Have I ever mentioned that your husband reminds me of Ja Rule? I don’t know your thoughts on Ja Rule, but I mean it as a compliment, as I think Ja Rule is a handsome devil.

    1. It’s so funny that you mention Frank’s resemblance to Ja Rule. I have a friend/coworker who mentions that every time she sees Frank.

      Thanks for the good wishes. *crosses fingers tightly*

  2. Congrats to Frank! As a teacher married to a teacher, there’s nothing better than sharing all your breaks/holidays, etc. And having him speak your language – priceless!

  3. Congrats, Frank! Hope there’s a job waiting for you out there that wants you to start right away – much luck!

  4. Wow — congratulations to Frank, this is great. Here’s hoping he’ll find a great job soon (and that your state legislators aren’t trying to dismantle public education (and voting rights, and a few other things some of us value…) the way mine are).

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