Music and Bingo and Zombies

I missed a couple of days of blogging, but I have a good excuse. No, I don’t. Not really. But I HAVE been writing — just not here.

I wrote a couple of posts for the Mom 2.0 Summit blog. In May, I was honored to be a part of the social media team for the annual Mom 2.0 Summit conference in Atlanta. I had a ton of fun, made some new friends and spent quality time with old ones, and got so much inspiration that I’m still reeling a bit from it today. So when I was asked if I wanted to write a couple of summery posts for the Mom 2.o blog, it was pretty much a hellz yea moment. Here’s what I’ve been busy with:

summer playlist post top

Music, y’all. If your summer needs soundtracks, I’ve got you covered here. I curated two Spotify playlists of my favorite summer jams — one is brings the heat; the other cools you down. Check ’em out: 2 Summertime Playlists to Keep You in the Groove.


summer bingo post top

If you’ve hit a summer writing slump and you’re short on words, I dropped a few tips to help you get through it (which is fairly ironic, considering my lack of writing over the past two years). If you’re really feeling froggy, I’ve also created a Blogger Bingo Card with 25 Summer writing prompts and 5 bonus activities. I’ve included a PDF version of the bingo card on the Mom 2.0 blog if you want to play along. Tag your posts with #mom2summer and share them with @mom2summit on Twitter or on Facebook!


C25K The Zombie Survivalists isn’t a Mom 2.0 thing, but was born from my last blog post. I had a lot of Facebook friends chime in and say that they also wanted to someday run a 5K but, like me, are only motivated to run if in mortal danger. I started up a private Facebook group for already-runners and wannabe-runners friends to get motivation and support on working up to a 5K. It’s a private group, but if you’re on Facebook and want to join, find me on Facebook, shoot me a message, and I’ll add you in. For the record, I haven’t actually done running (or walking yet), but I am amping up and am glad that I have a place with supportive friends to share running tips and keep my motivation going.


Other than those little projects, I’ve also spent time this past week making a brochure for my cousin’s non-profit. There have been busy days behind the computer. It feels good to be all up in my creative space.