Baby Steps

werk the smartnessSo, I did the first day of C25K, or the Couch to 5K program for those of you who are unfamiliar. Well, I sort-of  did it. I got halfway through and almost died. I ALMOST DIED. Not really, but it felt like that.

Frank was there for support. He barely broke a sweat and his pulse/respiration didn’t even go up a notch. I hate him. I, on the other hand, was panting like a rabid dog despite trying to keep my pace at a “conversational” rate. For me, Conversational pace = elderly, asthmatic turtle. I feared Firelung and her sorry sidekick Side Stitch, but the biggest problem was actually Vertebrae the broke-ass back.

On Week 1/Day 1 of C25K, there are 8 run 1-minute/walk 1.5-minute cycles bookended by 5-minute warm-up/cool-down walks. I got to the third run/walk cycle and my lower back was screaming. I powerwalked the 4th run instead of jogging it. The 5th run was a jog straight to the car. Fokker — OUT.

I believe (and Frank agrees) that my back, which I have to be careful with thanks to a mild, but peevish case of scoliosis, cannot support my current weight AND the impact of so-called “running” right now, at least not for the full duration of the first C25K week. So, Frank, my loving PE teacher of a husband, has put me on an IEP. I’m in the fitness special needs class. Fab. Until I get my weight down and strength up, my modifications are to do Week 1 of C25K, but I will only run on the even walk/run cycles. Additionally, I will repeat the same cycles on my exercise bike at home. On the runs, I will cycle at a faster pace. This way, I’ll still get the benefit of improving my cardio without the stress and impact of running.

I could count today as a failure and a shortfall. I could fall into a suckhole of bad feelings about how out of shape I’ve become and fret about how pathetic I must have looked out there on that track, with Frank jogging to keep pace when he could have easily walked and kept up with me. I could do all those things, but I will not. I got up, I got out, and I did something, and for that, I feel pretty damned good.

8 thoughts on “Baby Steps”

  1. CHALLENNNNNNGE!!!!!!! Let’s make a wager. You call the winner gets… make it easy on yourself because I got this!

  2. Alexicographer

    Good for you! Seriously. I’m sorry your back is giving you trouble, though: yuck.

  3. I am proud of you! I lost the weight and it is still more a jog than a run! Too much too soon will turn you off of keeping going and while you do want a little push-just moving every day will get you there! This week walk, next week jog. Running game will come! (Or not unless there are zombies!)

  4. juliecgardner

    Begone with you, suckholes of bad feelings!
    My girl got up, got out, and is doing something.

    Keep it up, lady.
    You rock. Steady.

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