JW Moxie aka J-Dub aka Kym – I have an attitude that can be measured in DEFCONs, which 98% of the time is set at a safe all things green Level 1 but given the right (or wrong) situation, I can zip through the colors faster than Rainbow Brite could crap a Skittle and then woe be unto the unfortunate soul who pushed my nuclear warhead button. I love to laugh until I cry, like to cuddle, and my stubbornness shows its face through placid procrastination. In real life I’m kind-of quiet which people sometimes mistake for shyness, but what it really is is that I like to watch people and size them up before I’m too forthcoming with myself. I try to avoid wasting time with stupid people.

For a long time I wrote about my remedial ovaries and how my past history with infertility motivated my efforts to be a gestational surrogate. I delivered a surro-baby (he was white; that was pretty cool) four years ago and tried (then subsequently FAILED)  to help three other couples.

That phase of my life is over. My new interests involve pretending I don’t like carbohydrates, geekery, and being a gangsta. You can also find me as a writer and the High Empress Special Ops Editor at Aiming Low.


The Minions – Kyra & Jaiden (girl/boy twins, age 11); Jordan (son, age 9); Kaelyn (daughter, age 7)
Despite my best efforts to corrupt them into doing my evil bidding, they insist on being do-gooders. Damn them.

The Husband – Frank and I are that squishy high school sweetheart couple who makes everyone sick. He was a stay-at-home-dad for nine years. Now that all of the Minions are of school age, he has decided that he wants to be a P.E. teacher when he grows up. He does all the boring stuff like cooking, and he likes it. If I could clone him, I would be hella rich. I am not rich (give me money), but I am fortunate, anyway.


Drawing by Goldfish aka GFish aka my mini-me gangsta. Word.

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  1. Hello
    My name is Jolyon Jenkins and I am a radio documentary producer for the BBC in the UK. I came here by following various links while researching the issue of Munchausen’s by Internet – the syndrome whereby people invent fictitious personas online and fabricate illnesses or medical misfortunes in order – presumably – to gain sympathy.

    I read a post by you on someone’s blog where you said that you had some experience of this through moderating a surrogacy forum. I was wondering whether I could have a chat with you about it?

    Many thanks


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