“I want to be able to run a 5K by the end of the year.” This was the insane thought that, uninvited, barged its way into my brain when I was reading about the 34-weeks pregnant runner who finished 800 meters in 2.5 minutes. I’ve never been a runner. Even when I was in shape, I never had …

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There is a lot of social media chatter about selecting your “word” for the year. This is not a new thing, but it is the first time I’ve considered selecting a word for myself. It has been a while since I gave myself something to hang onto. Somewhere in the past couple of years, I …

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A Series on Self-Doubt, Part 2: My Brain Knows Kung-Fu

This is Part 2 of a 10-part series on self-doubt. It’s based on Schmutzie’s presentation titled Self-Doubt and the Power of Personal Narrative. You can read Part 1 here.  ……. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, one which I’d scheduled last week. It was to be an in-and-out appointment, its intent to serve as nothing more …

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