The Surrogacy Files

I was pregnant with and delivered a white baby. Word. This is about my attempts to help other couples start their families.

The Shallow End Sucks, Too

According to, infertility is defined as: a disease or condition of the reproductive system often diagnosed after a couple has one year of unprotected, well-timed intercourse or if the woman suffers from multiple miscarriages. Infertility affects approximately 10% of the population. I may not seem like I fit in with that 10%, me with …

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On November 21, 2007, I posted a new ad in the Gestational Surrogacy classifieds at SMO. On December 2, I received a reply from a European potential intended mother (IM) named Mia explaining that in the last ten years, she and her husband Urs had only achieved four pregnancies, all of them lost to miscarriage, …

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