The Minions

How I try not to suck at parenting

Boy Parts

Jordan zoomed through the kitchen on his Nimbus 2000 and just as he was reaching for the Golden Snitch, he tripped over the cat, came to an abrupt stop, and was bludgeoned in the crotch by the broomstick he rode in on. "OW, I crunched my vagina!" he bleated, with his knees squeezed together and …

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Wake up call

Spiderman shouted, "GOOD MORNIIIIIIIING!!!" and I was served breakfast in bed. To hell with alarm clocks. I’ll take syrup-flavored kisses and sticky fingers any morning. Lupron in 2 days.

Flashback Monday – Twins' Pregnancy Introduction

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to slowly unify my old writing¬†pieces into this one location here at The Smartness. On Mondays, I’m going to post entries from my old blogs (excluding I’m a Smart One, since that stuff is already here), working my way slowly up until everything has been moved over. I’m …

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