Four for the Fourth

1986 – Meet eight-year old Moxie, who with three other girls, is playing one of the many clappy-slappy-sing-song games usually played in schoolyards. But this is not recess; this is a 4th of July barbecue at a family friend’s house in Albuquerque. The music is loud, the soldiers are half-inebriated and are raucously laughing at …

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Show and Tell – Marvin the Martian

In the years from 1996 to 1999 I went to college full time in the evenings and during the day, I worked full time at a middle school as a parasub. Parasub = paraprofessional + substitute teacher. There were two of us and our job description was not that of typical teacher's aides. I was …

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Flashback Monday – Twins' Pregnancy Introduction

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to slowly unify my old writing pieces into this one location here at The Smartness. On Mondays, I’m going to post entries from my old blogs (excluding I’m a Smart One, since that stuff is already here), working my way slowly up until everything has been moved over. I’m …

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