Stupid Things That Have the Funny

Sister Revenge – A Moment for Which I Have Exercised Decades of Patience

Gangstas, if you love me, you will share, share, share this video. The more it is shared, the more I win: I told you I’d get you back eventually, Chanel. WORD.   *for more fun with anesthesia, read here about my wisdom tooth removal: I Showed that Tooth Extraction Who Was Boss. Sort-of Even When …

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My Week, As Illustrated by Prince

I can tell from StatCounter (don’t act like you’ve never stalked your metrics) that many of you have been coming back to see if I’ve finally gotten around to posting Part III of my series on emotional/mental infertility and how it affects the Adoption, Loss, and Infertility (ALI) community (here are Part I and Part …

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The Wisdom of Good Clothing

This morning while in the closet, I gazed longingly at Frank’s comfortably roomy sweatsuits, and then sighed and resigned myself to wear the teacher-apropos slacks and blouse. Maybe my slacks were maternity pants and perhaps “blouse” is far too dressy a word to apply to the three-sizes too big, button-up, striped sack of fabric, but …

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