How to be a Gangsta

So you want to be a gangsta, huh? Here are some resources to help you along your way.

Speak Like a Gangsta

Here are a few words that you’ll want to add to your vocabulary:

  • ballsome (adj.): having the balls to be awesome. I spent the whole weekend watching all four seasons of The Big Bang Theory! I’m so ballsome. 
  • boss (adj.): impressive. Synonyms: groovy, cool, rad. Your collection of Flight of the Conchords t-shirts is so boss; I’m jealous.
    boss (noun.): one who has superior skills of some type. With those Diner Dash games, I’m a BOSS!
  • word (intj.): an interjection used to express intense agreement or an affirmation. You made a plate of bacon for dessert? WORD.
If you need to add more gangsta flow to your vocab, might I suggest these handy Slang Flashcards from the good peeps at
Dance Like a Gangsta
Are you rhythmically challenged? I linked to some boss dance tutorial vids here.  You can also get some ballsome moves from Jaiden and Jordan. Need more? These tutorials will have you getting your unadulturated groove on in no time.

Get a load of these sweet moves (and rhymes):


“Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai. Napoleon Dynamite. ’nuff said.


Do you have any gangsta tips and trick to share? Holla at your girl.

3 thoughts on “How to be a Gangsta”

  1. Funny vids!

    P.S. I just saw in your sidebar that you were one of the BlogHer Voices of the year…were you in NYC? I was there and we must have totally missed each other what with a few thousand people in attendance, I’m sure it’s easy to do 🙂

    1. No, I wasn’t there. 🙁 #soulcry. I’m still heartbroken that I couldn’t have made it. The timing of BlogHer usually doesn’t jive with my schedule because it always falls right when I’m headed back to school. I might make it this year, though, since it’s being held at the end of July vs. the first week of August.

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